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Apple and epic games spar in closing arguments over fortnite

But at other time Gonzalez Rogers appeared to relish her role on the cutting edge of the law They don't call us the wild West for nothing she joked

Apple and epic games spar in closing arguments over fortnite

(CNN BUSINESS ) A week -long blockbuster antitrust trial between apple and epic games culmination on Monday with the Maker of the hit video game fortnite calling apple an overload and the iPhone Maker suggesting epic is paving the way for a scary future for ios customers. Apple and epic games spar in closing arguments over fortnite

After spending days pressing reams of dueling economic analysis and documentary evidence the two side landed on Monday where they began arguing over how judge Yuvaaon

Gonzalez Rogers should intepret apple role in sprawling digital economy the outcome of that analysis could reshape how digital app store work uphold apple prime position its  app ecosystem

In a matter of weeks Gonzalez Rogers is set to decide weather apple is an aglie innovator that reaped just rewards for building o poplar app business or if it is a epic alleges a monopolist that users its control over the ios apps store

to illegally harm competition restrict innovation in and keep high price high Wapping up the three weeks trial which saw top executive including apple CEO TIM COOK and Epic CEO TIM Sweeney calling on for questioning

the judge said Monday she will strive to issue an opinion by mid August thought it could take longer given the Throusands of pages generation by the groundbreaking Antirturst case

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