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Best BGMI Players and IGL, Sniper And Assaulter In India 2022

The Tournaments in BGMI are over now and have arrived on the basis of best Player and IGL And Assaulter Performance In India. Best BGMI Players and IGL, Sniper And Assaulter In India 2022

The Best Team in BGMI In India & God of PUBG is Godlike and the highest Salary of a Professional Players org.

Best BGMI Players in india

1. Jonathan Amaral  (Best BGMI Players) 

2. SaumRaj & ClutchGod (lGL)

3. Teams (S8UL) & Godlike (Richest)

4. Daljit & Dynamo (Best Sniper)

5. Jony (No 1 Player)

The Best BGMI Players in India is Jonathan Amaral and God of PUBG This Performance is being Told on the basis of official BGIS, From which it Can be Told that the angle is best.

Jonathan Amaral is Ranking is much better that the Previous PUBG Which makes it the best within BGMI. He was also played Dubai After Going out of India to represent India. Which is a very good Ranking Within PMGC.

Who is the Best IGL of India in BGMI?

The Best BGMI IGL in india is SaumRaj & ClutchGod Which has Represented India Internationally Which is an award in itself

Inside it, you will also find Good Players like Mavi along very good India IGL Who do it inside TeamXpark & Best BGMI Player also. It has a very good role in game, due to which the team reaches the top position.

The Best Assaulter & Pro Player

The best Assaulter Is Jonathan Amaral, inside it, you will find very good names along with Jonathan, who has been a lot of top Fraggers in these games. Like Neyoo you have been the Top Frigger in this BGIS Tournament and have got very good finishes.

Even in the third party Tournaments, very good players like Scout and Players like ZGOD and Ninja get to play, so you can guess how much India Competition has Increased.

What is ESports Players Salary in India?

The Highest Salary of a Professional player is Rs. 2.19.721 Per Month approx. It is a good thing that the Indian Community is also Growing slowly.

If we Compare that with the Chinese Community, then a lot has Come and the days wil go even Further. Now the Competition is getting tough inside India. Due to this now good Players are Coming out

Best Team in BGMI In India

The best Team in BGMI In India is Godlike and it has a very high Ranking inside this game which no one can Compete with you.

One of the best Players in the World is Seen inside this team it has just Got the most kilss inside BGIS. Right Now he has got first place in 5 recent back to back Tournaments and he has also got the award from the hands of Sachin Tendulkar.

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