Battleground Mobile India x League Of Legends Collaboration on 19 November 2021

BGMI x Arcane Collaboration as Battleground Mobile India is the Indian Version Of PUBG mobile, Most of The Collaborations that are announced in PUBG Become a Part of BGMI as well. The. Recent Collaboration with league of legends Arcane Series has Brought A new Scar L Skin For Players.

PUBG Mobile And Battleground Mobile India are known for Collaboration With Big Games And Companies. The official Have piled up a lot of exciting Collaboration This Month Which has Hyped up the Players more than ever The Recent collaboration with Sports Car manufacturer Company Koenigsegg brought Exclusive car Skins For Dacia and Coupe RB Skin’s Therefore, players were expecting something extraordinary with the Arcane Collaboration.

To Fulfill the Wish of the players, BGMI x Arcane Collaboration Has Brought a Brand New Scar L Skin For the Players Which can be Obtained under the Lucky Spin Section.


BGMI Mobile Announced the Collaboration with the league of Legends Arcane Series a Few days Back and promised some Exciting game modes weapon Skin’s under the collaboration the Hextech Crystal Scar L Skin has now been released in BGMI And PUBG mobile, Players can Obtain it by spending UC at The Lucky Spin Section. The Lucky Spin under BGMI x Arcane Collaboration will run on the 29th of November 2021.

Here is a guide to obtaining the Hextech Crystal Scar L Skin In BGMI:

Step 1: Open Battleground Mobile India and Head to Lucky Spin Section.

Step 2: Click on the Scar L Lucky spin and spend UC To Spin the Wheel The Amount of UC Increase with Each Spin.

Step 3: players can obtain the skip after a certain Number Of Spins.

The Magical tokens can Further be redeemed at the redemption store few great rewards.

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