Top 5 gaming mouse under 500 in 2021 – TrendingJagat

If you are searching for the best gaming mouse in 2021 so you are in the right place here we show you a list of the best gaming mouse under 500 rupees that many gamers using for many years and had a great experience with this mouse and may you also like them. Top 5 gaming mouse under 500 in 2021 – TrendingJagat

Here we are not talking about ranking we have the top 5 Mouse. Which one is best for you to have to choose one of them. All mouse are very low-budget. The mouse that we will show you all comfortable and gripping is good in this mouse and all are long time using.

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1.Inphic Gaming Mouse Wired 

The epic gaming mouse is a very high-quality Mouse. It comes with seven different RGB color lights and it has three buttons right-left or scroller. The body of the mouse has been made up of plastic and has a USB wired connection. The overall look of the mouse is great when you hold the mouse in your hand it gives you a great gaming experience. finally, the price of an Inphic gaming mouse is 348 rupees.

2.Redgear A-10 Wired Gaming Mouse 

In this Redgear, A-10 Wired Gaming Mouse you get four buttons right, left, scroll, and DPI is very light in weight and Durable and DPI Upto 2400 for Windows PC Gamers. you will also get a gaming optical sensor. You can also change DPI on four levels 800,1200,1600 and 2400.  You can also see seven multiple colors light and change is made of ABI plastic which is a good quality product.USB cable is also good.lets take a look of mouse price. It’s available on Amazon at the price of 349 rupees only.

3.Xmate Rio Wired USB Gaming Mouse

In this house you will get six buttons right, left, scroll, DPI, forward, and backward button. this mouse has three levels of DPI change on 800,1200,1600 and seven multiple colors light. The mouse body is made up of ABI plastic, leather, and rubber. USB cable material is also is very comfortable and easy to use. The price of the Xmas Rio Wired USB Gaming Mouse is 399 rupees only with one year warranty.

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4.Dragonwar Red Gear Emera ELE-G11

Dragonwar Red Gear Emera ELE-G11 comes with four colors has eight buttons like right, left, scroll, forward, backward, DPI, scroll up, and scroll down has four levels of DPI 800, 1200, 2000, and 3200. It comes single blue light color it’s not come with seven multiple colors lights LED.and it is very comfortable for medium to big hand palm people.The mouse body is made up of ABI plastic and gives a matte finish look to Mouse. USB cable is 1.8 meters long cable and very good quality cable.  The price of this mouse is 429 rupees only.

5.Zinc Technologies 1070 

Zinc Technologies 1070  mouse has six customizable buttons right, left, scroll, forward, backward, You can see four DPI levels in this Mouse are 1200, 1600, 2400, and can also get seven multiple colors lights that change automatically. The mouse body is made up of ABI plastic and gives a matte finish look to Mouse. cable quality is also good. The price of this mouse is 449 rupees only.

There is a list of Top 5 gaming mouse under 500 in 2021 – TrendingJagat Hope you like all mouse suggestions and if you any questions comment in the comment section.

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