Top 10 Indian Web Series in 2020 Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar & Voot Web Series in Hindi

Top 10 Indian Web Series in 2020 Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar & Voot Web Series in Hindi

Today we will talk about the top 10 Indian popular web series whose imdb rating is excellent and their popularity is very high.

This is a list of all the series last year. List of this year’s web series next year. Because we do not know. Which of these web series will come up and come later, so we will tell you about Next Year in Web Series.

If you think a web series should come up or down, then you can tell us. This series is on top ten web series in India.

If you people like this web series, then you can share this article with your friends and can also tell them.

Let’s talk about some pain web series that you will get on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime, alt Balaji, and Voot You have to get membership to see them all And we have given you the trailers of its series as well.

10. Criminal Justice

This web series made on Thriller and Mistery was released in 2019.

Its story starts with a 25-year-old boy who is a cab driver, he gives a lift to a girl one day, but suddenly he sees the dead body of the girl in front of him that morning he gets involved in a good case. Till the last, what happens if he can prove himself guilty or not, he has tried to look in this web series, you can see this web series on Hotstar Original.

IMDB Rating. 8.1 / 10

Rotten tomatoes. 3, Audience rating. 7

9. Breathe

This web series was released in 2018 on Breathe crime and suspense

Story begins with a father whose son is suffering from cancer and he turns into a monster to save his son, he starts killing slowly all the organ donater that can save his son from cancer. From this you see this web series on Amazon Prime

IMDB Rating. 8.4 / 10

Rotten tomatoes rating. 92%

8. Mirzapur

This web series on action and thriller was released in 2018.

Story begins: Akhand Nand Tripathi, who is called carpet brother in Mirzapur because he is illegal in the garb of carpet, meanwhile, Kalyan Bhaiya’s son i.e. Munna Bhaiya gets a bullet pad to a groom drunk then see the ruckus This web series can be seen on amazon prime video

IMDB Rating. 8.5 / 10

7. The Family Man

This web series on Drama Thriller and Terror Activity was released in 2019.

Its story begins with Shrikant Tiwari who is a middle class man and on the other side he is an agent of raw and suddenly he catches a terrorist who has a lot of secrets hidden in him. After watching you will know that the Family Man will be found on Amazon prime video

IMDb rating. 8.6 / 10
Audience rating. 4.7
Rotten tomatoes. 93%

6. Special Ops

This web series on Thriller and Action was released in 2020.

The story begins where a lot of terrorists are killed by an Indian Parliament attack, but a terrorist who is very ruthless runs away but the Indian Intelligence wants him out somehow who was behind the attack by the Parliament. Whether intelligence can find out that terrorist or not, you will know after watching the web, Special Ops Web series on Hotstar Special

Imdb rating. 8.7 / 10
Rotten tomatoes. 6/10

5. Asur Welcome To Your Dark Side

This web series made on Thriller and Suspense was released in 2020.

Its story is based on serial killer activity but the style of serial killer of this web series will look different because whoever shows blood by serial killer is associated with a pattern and they are related to our Indian mythology. Why this serial killer mythology Why take resort to this and after all, what motivation is hidden behind it, this creates interest in this web series, you can see Asur on voot select

Imdb rating. 8.7 / 10

4. Sacred Games Season 1

This web series made on Drama Thriller and Mister was released in 2018.

The story begins with Ganesh suddenly making a call from Gaitonde and tells Sartaj Singh that Mumbai city is going to end in a few days and why Mumbai city is going to end and whether Sartaj Singh can find Ganesh Gaitonde and find out what else You can find out what is mystery, you can find web series by watching it on netflix.

Imdb rating. 8.8 / 10
Rotten tomatoes rating. 76%

3. Hostel Daze

This web series on Comedy Drama was released in 2020.

The story begins in an engineering hostel where you will see how much the four boys will do with cones and how interesting their engineering life is. In the web series, you will get to see a lot of comedy and drama and you will feel that you will live your hostel life. Enjoying available on Amazon prime

Imdb rating. 8.8 / 10


2. Panchayat

This web series made on Drama Comedy was released in 2020.

It starts with a boy who grows up in the city and gets posted in a rural panchayat and how that boy of the city manages and manages the village and also the people of the village. How to Solve Problems These web series can be viewed on Amazon prime video

Imdb rating. 9.1 / 10

1. kota factory

top 10 indian web series No, 1 Web Series In India. This web series on Comedy Drama was released in 2019.

It takes the Kota factory ie Kota where you will see how much students struggle to get a chance in iit, their life is full of difficulties, while watching the web series, you will enjoy your student life on TVF, you will get this web series. Amazon Prime Video India

Imdb rating. 9.1 / 10

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