Top 10 Best Cross Platform Mobile multiplayer Games to Play With Friends in 2022

If you and your friends can’t agree on whether Android or iOS is better for Mobile Gaming don’t worry. There actually no need to Choose between them, because Cross Platform Games can be played on both operating Systems.

So the next time you’re looking for multiplayer games to play with Friends, try the cross platform mobile titles below.

Top Best Cross Platform Mobile multiplayer Games

1. Minecraft

Originally referred to as the pocket Edition, the mobile Version of Minecraft is almost Identical to the PC Version The only major difference is that you can’t connect third party mods or use third party Server’s. Also, typically, any update that Comes out for Minecraft won’t come out for the mobile versions until a later date.

That being said, the Mobile version is a wonderful way to experience Minecraft on the go. Playing Minecraft alone, however, is no fun. No. Matter the platform, Minecraft was made for socializing, and it’s Cross Compatibility let’s you play with your Friends. If Minecraft doesn’t sate your adventuring itch, you can try out these mobile games which let you explore the world.

Minecraft for iOS/Android ($6.99 iOS, $7.49(Android), in app purchases available

2. Spaceteam

Spaceteam is the one game on this list that requires all your friends to be in the same physical space. In Spaceteam, you and your Friends are the Crew of a Spaceship and everything’s going wrong. To stay on Course, you’ll need to work together by shouting different made up space Commands to each other. The Speed and the Chaos ramp up and up, until you all inevitably crash and die, only to be awarded medals posthumously. But it’s fun while it lasts.

If you have a Smaller friend Group, you can also try out the best Two Players Mobile games.

3. Vainglory

An MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Similar to League of Legends, Vainglory let’s you team up in 5v5 or 3v3 modes against other players or bots.

Choose From one of over 40 Heroes and go head to head against another team to destroy their Vain Crystal before they destroy yours. Travel Through the Jungle destroying enemy turrets and minions, using your special powers, and working together as a team.

Vainglory for iOS/Android (Free in app purchases available)

4. Hearthstone

Real life Trading Card games are fun, but online trading Card games let you do things like Summon Demons and Blow up your Booster packs.

Hearthstone, developed by Blizzard and set in the world of warcraft, is a strategy game that lets you collect cards, build decks, and duel your friends. It’s free to play, but you can buy new card packs to give yourself that extra edge.

With periodic expansions, Tournaments, and Challenges, there’s always a reason to get back into Hearthstone. Play your friends in the Arena or battle strangers to increase your Rank.

Hearthstone for iOS/Android (Free, in app purchases available)

So there we have it, a selection of the best Cross-platform Multiplayer games to play on Mobile. With these tested titles, you can download a game that you’ll know you can play together for a long time. So if you’re wanting more fun mobile games to play with Friends, it’s a Simple install away.

5. Pokemon Go

When it debuted, Pokemon Go Smashed the glass ceiling for AR (Augmented reality) gaming, bringing pocket Monsters into the real world. You and your friends can take your phone’s whether Android or iOS, and go out into the real world and explore.

Pokemon Go for iOS/ Android (Free, in app Purchases available)

6. PUBG Mobile

The world classic battle Royale game is available on pretty much any platform you can think of, including iOS and Android. While the mobile version of Fortnite previously Scratched this itch, Epic Games ongoing legal actions with apple and Google have left a gap. But if your looking for an Equally robust, event ready Competitor, PUBG Mobile definitely offers there.

Plus, with its Typically sub thirty minute match time, it’s one of the easier phone games to play with your Friends online.

PUBG Mobile For iOS/Android (Free, in app purchases available)

7. League of legends: Wild Rift


If you’ve been a fan of Riot Games League of legend franchise, Taking to the Rift with friends on Mobile was previously impossible. While league of Legends: Wild Rift doesn’t Support Crossplay with PC Players, Android and iOS users can queue up in duos, trios, or a full five man Party as you trget the enemy’s nexus. With Riots MOBA Mobile Launch, it’s Now a Full Phone game you can Play With your friends.

League of legends: wild Rift for iOS/Android (Free, in app purchases available)

8. Old School RuneScape

Ready to Scratch the nostalgia bug with Friends? As one of the earliest accessible MMORPGs, many gamer’s will fondly remember RuneScape. Whether You’re ready to fish, mine, or fight, you can resume your adventures in True Crossplay Form With all of your Friends.

Old School RuneScape for iOS/Android (Free, in app purchases available)

9. Super Stickman Golf 3


Get in a quick nine holes before lunch with this simple but fan Golfing game. While single player mode is fun on its own, Stickman Golf offers two different multiplayer modes. You can either Compete to see how fast you can play each hole in Race Mode or take turns in the turn based mode. Also, you can play locally or online.

You can’t directly download super Stickman Golf 3 From the Google Play Store, but you can add it to your devices via developers’s APK file. If you’re unfamiliar, Check out our explanation of what an APK file is and what it does.

Super Stickman Golf 3 for iOS Android- APK file (Free, in App purchase available)

10. Words with friends 2


The Sequal to the acclaimed words with Friends is more like an update. Of course, there’s the regular words with friends experience that you’re used to, where you and a friend or online stranger take turns trying to rack up points on a board by spelling out words Scrabble Style.

However, while words with Friends 2 Keeps everything you loved about the first version, it adds a few new modes for a different sort of Challenge.

Lighting Round pits two team’s of five against each other to see who can come up with a certain score in the fastest amount of time. Solo Challenge lets you play against Challenging bots to Win a virtual Prize. Finally Words with Friends Live Drops in with HQ Trivia Style questions during your game.

Words with friends 2 for iOS/Android (Free, in app purchases available) 

So there we have it, a selection of the best Cross platform Multiplayer games to play on Mobile. With these tested titles, you can download a game that you’ll know you can play together for a long time. So if you’re wanting more fun mobile games to play with Friends, it’s a Simple install away.

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