Sushant singh case.How Rhea chakraborty spent 30 days.revealing satish maneshinde!

Sushant singh case.How Rhea chakraborty spent 30 days.revealing satish maneshinde!

Satish Maneshinde spoke about what Rhea Chakraborty did in jail, whereas Rhea Chakraborty Per who sells drugs alleges that drugs are lying

But there were some big allegations that they could not prove due to which he got the bull.

But now it is out but there are still problems The CBI is now investigating this case and after

The evidence of the 13th way is coming out then it seems to be going on in a different way.

In the same Mp, another girl has claimed that she knows a lot about Sushant’s case if she is given protection from the police then she will give everything in the meantime.

Satish Maneshinde has given an interview on ndtv, while giving an interview in ndtv he has said what rhea was doing in

Chakraborty jail I have gone after many years. I went to meet my client. Rhea was in Chakraborty jail. She was doing yoga classes.

Engaging herself and trying to keep herself in a positive mind she accommodated

herself in prison because she was not getting homemade food due to infectious disease.

And she lived with the inmates of the prison as if she were an ordinary woman. Being an army girl, she faced war-like situations and is ready to face any man.

Who is trying to accuse him and harm his interests. satish maneshinde has said directly what media channels have done.

They will be dragged to court only for Trp. The big thing is that the released Chakraborty is out and

If the NCB is not able to proof, then there is a big setback and blame of central agency pay!

And due to this, the rest of the people who were paraded, Mit will now be wedged in the circle of question mark and now satish maneshinde has told about rhea chakraborty.

That Rhea was in chakraborty jail and how the media channels were doing harm to them and they were now lagging behind!


Sushant singh case.How

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