Shehnaz Gill took this astonishing step, Siddharth Shukla became the reason!

Shehnaz Gill took this astonishing step, Siddharth Shukla became the reason!

Ever since bigg boss season 14 has started, the name of the contestant is coming,

But out of all the contestants of season 13, shehnaz gill’s name is coming up

Because everyone is feeling that the female contestant of bigg boss season 14 is copying Shahnaz Gill

Shahnaz has become upset due to this, he had to stop commenting section of his Instagram,

We tell you some time ago when the premiere was night.

Since then, Nikki Tamboli was being trolled, Nikki was being judged

that she is copying Shahnaz Gill, she is trying to be like Shahnaz.

Shahnaz Gill gave his reaction on this matter.

Shahnaz said that “Every human being is different, please if you are my fans, I cannot go and speak to everyone,

But that is my fob

Shenazians have to request from them that please do not judge anyone,

  1. if you have loved your sachme one day,

then I would expect you not to judge any third person.

Do not tell anyone not just a contestant that she is like me,

She is trying to be like me, after that Shahnaz also said that

Whatever people have, everyone has their own personality,

Don’t judge anyone, don’t judge me, don’t judge anyone else,

Then after Shahnaz Gill said so much,

Fans were angry that shehnaz gill was all the comments in the comments section.

Did you leave your Siddharth, the way Nikki is getting up and Siddharth is sitting

And Masti is doing it and Shirdi fans did not write this.

That Nikki Lagartar is seen giving her attention, was writing all these things in the comments section.

Due to this shehnaz got hurt a lot, then he said that I am closing my comment section,

Shehnaz has closed the comment section of his post.

And after that the fans felt so bad that due to us Shahnaz closed his comment section

And all the fans together said sorry to Shahnaz Gill.

And after that request from shehnaaz gill, please make a mistake,

For our sake you did not do your comment section,

After this, Shahnaz turned on his comment section.

Shehnaz Gill took this

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