Sehore News A boy drowned in a pond with friends; Death due to drowning

Sehore News A boy drowned in a pond with friends; Death due to drowning

A shocking incident came to the fore on Sunday at Ashta police station. In the village Mubarikpur Mandali, a child who went to bathe in a tank near the crusher machine and gaushala died due to drowning.

The body was retrieved by the SDRF team of Indore after 12 hours of effort.The inspection team reached the spot 1 hour after receiving the information.

After getting the information, it was found out that Mubarakpur Mandali resident Ankit’s father Mahesh Chandra eats his maternal uncle The congregation came from village Maina on Sunday with a sister.

He left his sister at home and then went straight for a bath in the pond with his friends.

Ankit went to the crusher machine in the village to bathe with his friends in a water source in a pond near the cowshed.As soon as he did not take bath, he could not get back, his friends got scared and started looking for him, he thought that we should inform his family members.

As soon as the family members got information about this, they immediately called the police and reached the spot. A large crowd had gathered at the scene. The police team called the rescue team to find the child from the district headquarters.

SPS Chauhan Additional District Superintendent of Police Sameer Yadav, SDM Vijay Kumar Mandloi, SDOP Mohan Sarwan, City Inspector Siddharth Priyadarshan and the police force reached there.

MLA Raghunath Singh Malaviya District Head Section Singh Patel, Balbah Dur Singh Bhagat also reached the spot. No, the rescue team of Indore was engaged in searching for the child.

Sehore News A boy drowned in a pond with friends; Death due to drowning

The body of the boy was recovered until around 10:00 pm, which was not successful for very long. The parents of the child were crying very well, but there was a lot of uproar as the police force somehow managed to control the situation.

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