Sara gurpal evicted from the bb house by seniors decision

Sara gurpal evicted from the bb house by seniors decision

Because all those who are in the house are doing something because Sarah said Siddharth Jija, Siddharth had said at that time that you should not give such a statement.

And the way the whole game was going on, the players were speaking to them and in the task that was being done, this thing was coming out and which is not worth staying home.

In it, all the seniors took Sara’s name and rahul vaidhya was seen fighting and he survived

and Shukla who knows all this and also has friendship with Rubina.

How do you think Sir Gurpal used to desist from getting so much water? And if we talk about sports,

Rahul Vaidya’s performance was not so good, you guys also know.

But Sara Gurpal had worked hard in the task and it was also seen that the seniors have decided that this is a big decision.

The fans of Sara Gurpal are raging on the seniors who are in the house and

a fan in that if the responsebility was given only to the seniors, then the audience is crazy

Fans of Sara Gurpal on Twitter are expressing their anger by commenting and

kept 14 days in quarantine and then fired in the first week this is not fair.

Because this time the quarantine was also kept for 14 days and I had developed it in the first week,

so there is a lot of shoking news, so now it has to be seen.

That they are really evicting and sending them back home or taking them to a room or bringing them back again

because Sara had put a lot of trouble in the task

Sara Gurpal has become homeless from the house, this news is coming, confirmation has not come yet

but 99% confirmed new one is coming, the visit Gurpal has become Evict!

Sara gurpal evicted from

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