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Pakistan Banned Tiktok trending Jagat

Pakistan banned Tiktok

Pakistani Regulators banned Chinese app Tiktok. Tiktok which is a Chinese app created by Bite Dance Ltd. Earlier this app was banned in India with 59 more apps were banned.

Now Pakistan has announced to ban this app. This app has been installed 43 million times in Pakistan. And install this app 14.7 million times this year.

Research from Sensor Tower shows that Pakistan is the 12th largest market of Tiktok.This app has been downloaded 200 million times in the US in Comparison of Pakistan.

tiktok spokeswomens Said that the company is talking to the Pakistan authorities every day that why they banned it and why videos were removed.

The company said that 6.5 million videos have been removed. And it happened between January and June, Pakistan is now the third country banned. Who banned Chinese app tiktok.

If we talk then India first banned this app, then America and now reports that Pakistan is also going to ban this app.But it does not seem as there is good relationship between Pakistan and China.But US President Donald Trump wants the company not to return.

oracle crop and walmart inc. Many people have become famous on tiktok. Because its cringe content is available.Last month, five dating apps were blocked by PTA. After this, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to ban tiktok.

Talkwomen said that the company believes that the app should be brought back and banned anywhere else in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said that the issue of these blockages should be corrected soon and this app should be brought back.

tiktok confirmed the authority to open the engagement and review its desicion subject to a Satisfactory mechanism is tiktok to moderate unlawful content, the agency said.Pakistan Banned Tiktok trending Jagat

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