Oneplus nord 2 is Officially launched in India with Dimensity 1200 and more

Friends the one plus not to is here the official launch will take place on 22nd July 2021 Oneplus Nord 2 is Officially launched. But it not like we don’t know much about it we know quite about it. Oneplus is an official share a lot of information about it and we also know how it is going to look through strong rumors too. We will talk about the Nord 2 it is price range what’s my expectation is and why not to is special for oneplus I will all cover it.

Firstly, the oneplus phones have gone on the next level in terms of pricing (i.e more than rupees 50k). Alia oneplus phone was a flagship killer you would get a flagship-level experience for around 30-35k rupees in hardware and software. But for the past 3-4 years that experience has lost its charm they don’t even claim they are flagship killers but they are the flagship. And since there is nothing 30-35k price range they have planned to bring the oneplus Nord 2 to complete that vacuum space.

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OnePlus Nord 2

When oneplus mode was launched it had a lot of expectations which you’re made to a certain extent I am not saying it was a bad phone it was good! But there were many places where it lacked and if you look at the oneplus Nord 2’s specification and rumors it might be a worthy successor of the oneplus Nord. First of all, oneplus has officially told us that it is going to come with a Dimensity 1200 processor with gives a near-flagship experience. Oxygen OS is known to be one of the cleanest UIs out there. This combination of hardware and software in that price bracket (30-35k rupees) is going to be big.

Many people would buy it because many of them want to buy it the flagship phones are out of reach. And if the oneplus Nord 2 comes around the (30-35 k rupees) price range with the good specification (which seems possible) then it will be a great product.

Expected specifications 

Dimensity 1200 processor 6.43 AMOLED screen with a 90Hz fast refresh rate and a 4500mah battery which is a good thing because before it was around 4200-4400 mah battery capacity and now the 4500mah battery is enough for a day’s usage. It might have a 30W or a 65W fast charger I am not sure right now but at this time at least a 30-watt fast charger will be included.

And another thing that gives you the oneplus core experience is the alert slider which seems to be included in the render which I am happy about it and interestingly the not had a quad-camera setting while not to is expected to have a triple camera setup. But not to might have a 50MP main camera sensor which is the latest sensor and is included in the flagship phones and it is going to be the same. It might have an 8MP ultra-wide sensor and 2MP third sensor so it’s sim to have a triple camera setup on the rear.

But big thing is that they are moving from a 16MP to a 32MP selfie camera at least according to the news and rumors. Remember in the last three-four not oneplus phone including the 50-60Rs rupees phone had a selfie camera of more than 32MP.

And another interesting thing is the Dimensity 1200 processor being used is customized with AI for images. And I don’t think that it will come with Hasselblad tuning it doesn’t seem like it will.

Value for Money 

But there are a lot of things the price to performance ratio or value for money which have come down a bit and I am not liking it. I am hoping that one plus not two will be a great value for money proposition.

If we will talk about the past 3-4 launches and recommend a value for money phone it should say that only the oneplus 9R comes close. Otherwise, the oneplus 9 and oneplus 9 Pro or slightly more expensive than expected and I don’t want to do that with the oneplus Nord 2.Oneplus Nord 2 is Officially launched.

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