Number of corona patients increased worldwide for the third consecutive day

Number of corona patients increased worldwide for the third consecutive day, 58 thousand new cases in America

Corona patients increased worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the process of getting a record number of patients across the world continues for three consecutive days. A record 3,83,359 new cases were detected during the last twenty four hours.

The number a day earlier was 3,50,766 as compared to 3,38,779 the day before. The WHO reported that 8,575 people died worldwide during the last twenty-four hours.

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So far more than 10 lakh people have died due to this pandemic in the world, while the number of infected patients has reached more than three crore seventy lakhs.

On the other hand, 58 thousand new cases of infection were registered in the US on Friday. This is the first time in the last two months that such a large number of patients have been detected.

The number of hospitalized patients has also reached record levels. Recorded patients a day have been detected in 10 out of fifty provinces. More than three thousand patients have been detected in Wisconsin and Illinois for the second consecutive day.

Nepal Tourism Minister Corona Positive

The Corona report by Nepal’s Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai has come out positive. He himself confirmed this on Facebook. He has advised all those in contact to undergo a corona test.

Let us tell you that on Thursday, Bhattarai met India’s Ambassador Vinay Mohan Quatra. During this time both had talked about promoting tourism.

Not a single patient in North Korea

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un said in a military parade on Saturday that not a single person in North Korea has been infected with the corona virus. The first case of corona was reported in North Korea’s neighboring country, China.

Pyongyang closed its borders in January to protect itself from the disease and is regularly saying that it has no case of an epidemic.

However, the state media has avoided such statements in recent months. The media emphasized the importance of prevention efforts.

Australia starts talks with neighboring countries to open borders

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday that he wants to resume tourism between countries once the coronavirus infection slows down. Negotiations are ongoing with Japan, South Korea, Singapore and South Pacific countries in this regard.

Explain that Australia closed its borders in March. The economy, which is reeling under recession, is expecting the economy to be back on track once again.

On the other hand, the Premier of Victoria Province has said that if a person comes in contact with an infected patient and refuses to undergo a test, he will inevitably have to stay in quarantine for 21 days.

Key points related to corona epidemic worldwide

Iran: 251 people have died during the last twenty four hours. While 3,822 new cases of infection have been reported.

Sri Lanka: 109 corona-infected patients have been detected during the last twenty-four hours. Three lakh 21 thousand PCR tests have been done so far.

Russia: During the last twenty-four hours, there have been 13,634 infection cases while 149 people have died.

Brazil: During the last twenty-four hours 559 people have died while 26,749 infected patients have been detected.

Singapore: 10 new patients with corona infection have been detected. Thus the number of infected patients in the country has increased to 57,876.

Indonesia: Corona restrictions will be relaxed from Monday in the capital Jakarta. Under the new rules, businesses with non-essential jobs will be allowed to work from the office.

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