Is rhea chakraborty really going to know the whole truth in Bigg Bose

Is rhea chakraborty really going to know the whole truth in Bigg Bose!

At this time, the reason for Bigg Boss Boss trp is the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case and the love that the public has for Sushant Singh Rajput.

It is not just Bigg Boss but Kapil Sharma show KBC and also one of the two showsWhich is the reason for his low trp and Mirzapur 2 has also been questioned because its producer Farhan akhtar.

People are dislike the Laxmi bomb movie which is going to come, because Sushant Singh Rajput is trying to get justice.

Rhea chakraborty is coming in bigg boss, this news has been given by a news channel,the only channel which has revealed disha saliyanIt was said that they have eyeglasses, but nothing happened after that, rhea chakraborty cannot come even if she wants herself.

Rhea chakraborty cannot go out of Mumbai cityOn Rhea chakraborty, the case which is going on cannot go on a foreign tour andThe Mumbai police station has to attend daily attendance for 10 days, which has been 2 days.

But rhea chakraborty needs a lot of things to go to Bigg Boss,Which is not available yet. Maybe next year can go but this year will not go.NCB, CBI, ED These three India’s largest agency, they are investigating this case,

Rhea chakraborty cannot go under the house in all three cases.Rhea can be called sometimes, notice can be sent so Rhea cannot come in chakraborty bigg boss.

And they are the makers of bigg boss, they know that it will not be right to bring rhea chakraborty to bigg boss this time.If Rhea chakraborty comes out in this case then next year he may be brought to the Big Boss but will not be able to come this season.

Is rhea chakraborty really going to know the whole truth in Bigg Bose

And rhea chakraborty’s mother’s statement came that she is very disturbed to go homeIn such a condition and even if it is alright, there are so many people there.

He himself would not like that Rhea Chakraborty is associated with him, so Rhea cannot go into chakraborty Bigg Boss.

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