Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G see comparison

Why you should buy one of these phones Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G

There are two different versions of the Samsung galaxy a52 on the market . depending on lot of different factors. like where you live what network you’re on what you want out of your phone you might be deciding between both of them.

if you’re I think it important to understand the between these two phones. there’s a few things that do actually set them a parts that hopefully you can make an informed decision

Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G see this comparison
Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G see this comparison

most importantly understand which device you’re actually looking at and which one you might end up getting . that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this article .

Comparison infographic
Comparison info graphic

Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G


We are going to explain what’s really different these two phones .we will talk about whether or not those differences are worth it . hopefully this clears up any confusion you might have and helps you decide.

if  either one of these phone is right for you so start off let’s just outline which devices we’re actually talking about now. there’s the regular international version of the a52 and then then there’s the 5g version of the a52 explicitly called the a52.

with a different model number different specs and some different features if you’re in us you’ll most likely see the a52 5g on sale both unlocked direct Samsung and through some u.s networks like at t and T-Mobile.

even some prepaid carries too like metro around the world in Europe and Asia the regular a52  is more widely available.  sold but the 5g version pops up too in certain regions in general you can buy . Use either device no matter where you live through third  party sellers and websites like eBay and Amazon.

but just make sure you note the model number the regular a52 has model number that include a525 . the a52 5g has model number consisting of a  5262  so when you’re browsing different listings online. You want to make sure you look for those differences in the model numbers to ensure you’re getting right phone .  obviously like I said the a52 5g is explicitly called that as well 5gis in the name.

Pricing and color options of both phones

you should most likely see that in the listing  price wise .the regular a52 is gonna be less expensive device by comparison pretty much. everywhere you look prices vary here quite a bit.  but right now I’ve seen the a52 as low as only 325 dollars on Amazon but it’s usually about a 350 dollars device the a52 5g is sold for 499 dollars unlocked . you might be able to snag a discount overall the a52 5g 5is some 100 to 150 dollars more expensive right now so keep that in mind .

Samsung galaxy a52 and a52 5g colors
Samsung galaxy a52 and a52 5g colors

The differences in pricing and slightly different model numbers. if you had these two a52s in your hand you actually would be able to tell them apart physically. they are 100 percent identical in every way from their size to their design to the material.They come in the same color options to to they are the exact same phones on the Surface at least . I  mentioned this only because last year some A series phones like the A71 and A71 5g did actually differ a little in dimensions and materials .

Accessories with samsung galaxy a52
Accessories with Samsung galaxy a52

but this time around Samsung just use the exact same everything .so you get advantage or disadvantage one way or another with devices physically. cases and accessories for example will work with either device no matter how they’re marked or sold and one sense that’s great  both phones have all the same great physical features that you’d want there’s a headphones jack on each Expandable.

storage stereo speakers polished metal housing for premium vibe Samsung here with the regular a52 at the same time I guess you could argue that there’s no real advantage yet in going with the a52 5g.

even though you are paying quite a bit more even things like the camera setups those are the same the fingerprint sensor and unlock setup is identical the features identical so software experience on the phones are all the same really like 95 .

these from the outside and I guess on paper too with a lot of specs it’s all exactly the same at this point so we know that you can’t tell these two phones apart at just by glancing at them now let’s actually talk about. that are different and it really comes down to three specific things 5g support obviously some of the internal specs and the displays  obviously

The first differences in getting the a52 5g is it’s a 5g capable phone so if it’s on a 5g capable network and 5g is available in your area then you’re good to go you’ll be getting those 5g speeds Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G

the regular a52 is just a standard 4g ITE device which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I still think we’re a little ways away from universally good and available 5g coverage bat least here in the us so you aren’t exactly missing much but for folks who live in an area.

where 5g is available and you an get it on your carrier you can get it on your carrier you sort of future proof yourself with the a52 5g so the first thing you consider in my  opinion it’s not necessarily a huge deal but depending on  your circumstances.

Display screen of phones

Accessories with samsung galaxy a52
Accessories with samsung galaxy a52

the second that  differences exists between these two phones is with display though. this is a bit less obvious spec wise. they actually have nearly identical panels they’re both 6.5 inch resolution screens 2400 by 1080 four hundred seven pixels per inch 20×9 aspect ratio all covered with glass 5.

And side by side at least in my opinion there’s no real difference in color clarity or the overall viewing experience you can’t really tell apart the difference isn’t in screen quality but actually in the  refresh rate.

the regular a52 gets a 90 Hertz display while the a52 5g has a 120 Hertz screen I think having a high refresh rate panel on both of these phones is a great choice but the  difference in the refresh rate means that the a52 5G is just a little faster a little snappier and a little more responsive all over this is one of those things where did difference between 60 hertz and 90 hertz.

for example I think is very much worthwhile but the difference between 90 hertz 120 Hertz is a little less noticeable unless you really kind of look close and analyses it obviously 120 hertz display on its is basically a flagship caliper specification.

getting it on an A series phone in particular is a great deal but I think most people will still appreciate the 90  hertz set up on the regular setup. anyway so again this is a difference where it might be a deciding factor  a very small percentage people but I don’t necessarily think was majority of folks would notice or  even care.

Processor of these phones

Snapdragon 720 g processor
Snapdragon 720 g processor

the final actual difference between these two phone is all in the spec sheet processor. the RAM option that power the devices and depending on what you actually use your phone for thisone again may or may not important or valuable. inside the regular A 52 gets very respectable Snapdragon 720  chipset paired with either four six or eight gigs of ram.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 750g 5g processor
Qualcomm Snapdragon 750g 5g processor

depending upon how you configure a 52 5G on the other hand has the newer  faster Snapdragon   750G 5G chip set with other 8 or 6 gigahertz of  Ram as well .  outline the real world differences between doors specification.

first I want to show you the geek bench scores so you can short of numerical value for comparison the A50 to 5G clocks in some 15 or 20% better then the regular a52.

which is  expected that’s looking at mainly the two different processor more than anything else for the purposes on the side by side test here in second. I also want to not that the regular A52 six gigs of Ram a52 5G has 8 gigahertz.

so that another thing to consider now in a side-by-side test with just your average everyday default apps I am not really sure that you will see too much of a difference the a52 5G from the time to time will launch and load things a fraction of a a second faster what the difference is not going to drastically impact.

Before buy Samsung galaxy a52 4G and Samsung galaxy a52 5G see comparison

how you use the phone even lot of third party don’t really yield that much of a difference performance wise the phones are almost identical and this is one of the things where if maybe you did not necessarily know that the phones had different processor inside you might even not be able to recognize much.

what also short of interesting is that between 6 gigs of ram and 8 there’s not too much of a difference here from the time to time the regular A52 an extra half second to get into an app that was previously loaded but I did not really come across.

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