Vince McMahon brings out some new changes to Raw

Every time Vince McMahon makes his entry into WWE’s main roster Raw he brings something new to the table. Though the company is sold, the changes that are required for the smooth functioning of the company are still accountable to the management team and McMahons. Recently, After taking a break to recover from spinal surgery, Mr. McMahon is once again in the running for WWE creatively.

Today marks the beginning of the formal Venture purchase as WWE and UFC combine to form TKO Holdings. Triple H will continue to manage the everyday creative, but Vince will make the ultimate choice. In a recent conversation with Dave Meltzer, it is quite obvious that Vince is about to bring some new changes to Raw.

Dave Meltzer’s words on the changes in “Raw”

The conversation focused on new policies that are significant to see new and catchy content to allure the audience. Dave Meltzer said, openly about Vince McMahon that  “He made multiple changes to the show tonight. There were also multiple changes made by Levesque at the last minute. So the show had a lot of stuff that wasn’t advertised on the show like most of it. And the reason is because they were changing all day long. But Vince is back. Vince made significant changes to the show. I don’t know what the changes were.”

“I’m sure that they will probably come out tomorrow. The only person who just mentioned it to me, and then I asked some others and they said all I heard was that they were probably changes for the better. But there were many of them. Vince is back from his surgery leave. He’s back in the chair. He was not in Roanoke, via remote. Going forward, he’s the guy, he’s the Chairman and he’s running the wrestling company. I know that. There’s the whole thing of he’s second in command to Ari Emanuel or tied for second in command.”

“I think Mark Shapiro’s at the same level. But when it comes to wrestling, Ari Emanuel is very willing to say, ‘I don’t know wrestling.’ He knows wrestling. So it’s Vince, baby. When it comes to the creative end, it’s Vince, baby. When it comes to decision-making on the company and all that, Ari Emanuel, Nick Khan, and Mark Shapiro are going to be the guys who are handling the TV negotiations. That’s it.”


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