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“It is so f***ing dog s**t!” – xQc lashes out on streamers for sending him their merchandise

xQc open up and talked about getting free merchandise from his fellow streamers

The Twitch sensation Felix “xQc” talked about other streamers who are sending him their merchandise. All conversations were held between him and his viewers during the live streams.

The Canadian streamer discussed the sponsors who create merchandise for him, and he also asked them to send the samples to Sammy “Adept”. Instead, he ended up getting free merchandise from other streamers.

I get merch from all the other streamers. Okay? Because they give me samples to try them out, and they are dog s**t. It is so f***ing dog s**t!

xQc talked about other streamers’ merchandise 

xQc lashes out on streamers for sending him their merchandise
xQc Laughs at other streamers Merch quality

During the recent Livestream on 4 September 2022. xQc while interacting with viewers shares his thoughts on other streamers sending him free merchandise to try.

You told us about your other shirts,’ I don’t buy shirts. I just wear free s**t. Yeah, I usually wear, I’m a busy dude, okay? This is really odd. For the longest time, in like, five years, or whatever, okay? I always, there’s somebody, a sponsor, that want’s to make merch for me, I always say, ‘Send Sammy some samples,’ and they send the samples, right?

He continued and added:

And what I do is that, even though I’m not really interested in getting or using their products, I just wear those samples all the time and get free s**t. So, for the longest time, I’ve just been wearing free garbage.

Furthermore, The ex-professional Overwatch player also talked about how he felt about other content creators’ merchandise and said

Guys, guys, guys, can we talk? I know I only have merch for chat, okay? You should see that dog s**t merch I get from creators. I don’t wear them, I don’t want to give them promotion

The streamer said he felt bad for the viewers who spent their hard work and money on buying streamers‘ apparel.

Holy f**k! I feel bad for the people that buy merch from other streamers. I feel bad for people who ditch their real-life money from this garbanzo. Holy f**k, man! I don’t even know, man!

However, viewers were also very keen to know the names of streamers who were sending Felix their merch for free, but the streamer refuses to take names and said

I’m not going to say who. Guys, I will not say who. I’m not going to say. I’m not going to name anybody out, okay? But it’s at least 15 plus streamers, okay, that are all pretty big. Okay? All like, about 7k, 10k viewers plus. I’m not going to say who it is. I’m not going to say who it is, but the people who buy their merch get f***ing scammed.

Fans reacted to the video and give the most upvotes on Reddit posts, and they also shared their own thoughts on what Felix said in the streams

“I feel like “merch” in general is so over-saturated right now cause there are so many more communities to serve now with the internet that quality is going down across the board. I’ve been to like 5 concerts this year and only 1 had actual shirts worth buying, the others had trash that was still $45 a shirt.” 

“Streamer merch & every fitness influencer trying to start their own gymshark has been the most annoying part of the internet for the past couple of years. No matter how much you try to make it seem like it’s a “legit” brand it is just someone picking out something from a wholesale catalogue and stamping their design on it for super cheap.”

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