Why GTA San Andreas is still most popular game in the Franchise

There is a Reason why 17 years Later GTA San Andreas is still the most. The popular game in the world the buzz this game received in 2004 has not Faded if anything this wild sprawling and the dangerously sweet world has only gained popularity over the years

The Reasons why GTA San Andreas is still the most popular game in the Franchise

The Easter Eggs

This is perhaps understood but fans love nothing more than spotting the map of an old game in a certain mission or finding a statue in the middle of the hell Easter Eggs Excite Players and make the game seem more real and robust GTA San Andreas Certainly nailed this one

The Indestructible Bike

The Indestructible Bike features  is a pure Masterpiece while all kinds of Armoured cars and flying bikers are somewhat susceptible to damage GTA San Andreas indesirable bike could be blown into smithereens even with the most powerful of weapons out there this bike is another jewel that is only seen

The Brutal Missions

This is perhaps the most important  Continues to stay in the light of Stardom to this day the Missions Featured in the game is not a walk in the park They were Never Supposed to be Has come A long way From that

Most of the missions featured in the game are hard to get through on the first attempt Especially those that require flying something like a tiny plane or saving a Virtual Fool who Seems determined to end up dead

A Touch Of Rebellion

Although Few and Far between There are moments in the game when the Protagonist who is one of the most cunning Criminals in world history convert the dark side of their personality into something positive for example the player Could up like police and beat up the bad guys One can save a stranger by Commissioning an Ambulance this diversity in the game never before witnessed in Grand Theft Auto Gives the entire Franchise a Touch of Sweet rebellion This makes it all the more memorable for the fans who have been rooting to find a spot in the world most notorious kingpins

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