What to do before fortnite chapter 2 season 6 ends and 7 started

What to do before fortnite chapter 2 season 6 ends and 7 started

As chapter 2 season 6 primal reaches its end here’s a brief rundown of takes to complete before chapter 2 season 7 starts on June 8.2021.What to do before fortnite chapter 2 season 6 ends and 7 started

Wild styling 

The season battle Royale pass came with a ton of unlockable style and quests

Agent Jones  jump style

Make sure to complete any outstanding anomaly Quests to unlock each agent Jones jump style looks for a glowing rift fragment near the location mentioned in the quest and follow it’s instructions to complete the challenge

Super Leveling 

Beyond Level 100? You might be close to one of the exclusive super level style for Tarana Raz or the spire assain take a took at our super leveling biog for details on these Mliestones and cover your outfit in sleek chromium Runic energy or solid gold

Goleden Touch 

Speaking of gold have you taken Lara Croft to visit Orelia yet? The speaking Gold Anniversary style is unlocked by stealing Orelia Legendary assault Rifle as the explorer and treasurer hunter herself Lara Croft


Finally complete the spire questine to face off against Glyph master Raz and unlock the dark thief Style for your locker qe understand some player have had difficult with spire Quest and will be granting the Glyph master style to players who’ve progressed in a spire Quest and unlock the Raz Outfit at level 50 of the battle pass

Bars on bars on Bars 

Similar to last season your cache of bars will be rest when chapter 2 season 7 drops Pick up Exotics upgrade your weapon run wild with it and spend your supply our fourth wild week staring June 3 is all about huge discount so make your bars rain before they’re gone

FISH AND Character Collection 

A new season means new things to collect make sure to fish-nish your fishing collection book and beat your friends best score for bragging rights

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