Warframe Sister of Parvos Coming in July to all platform

The corpus are manufacturing a new line of Adversary a sisterhood of either Hunters who live and die by the Orders of Parvos Granum These Ruthless assassin’s aided by their ferocious robotic Hounds are the latest Chapter in the Corpus aggressive expansion and must be neutralized at all costs it won’t be easy Tenno The Sisters of Parvos possess enhanced strength and Abilities and are equipped with the latest in high tech corpus weapon.Warframe Sister of Parvos Coming in July to all platform

Behaving as your personal Antagonists your Sister Will Hunt you while claiming Sector’s of The Origin System for Herself Complete a mission on her turn And she’s Collect takes on your rewards titles you Can’t only reclaimed by killing or conversing you’re Sister’s Too beings you Must haven’t Completed both The war Within and  Call of the Tempest Ari Quest and you must Defeat your Active Kuva Lich before Taking on Fight With a sister of Parvos.

The Hunt Beings 

Your Sister Candidate Will reveal herself aboard Any corpus Ship Once you reach Rank 1 in the Granum Voldo eliminated her with a mercy kill and your Sister Will arise in the Origin System

Battle Your Sister Mechanized Hound to acquires A New cuttings edges Companions And revealed her fatale sequencer off Requiems The Finally Showdown in there Neptune Proximal Will gavel your the chance to defeats your sister once And for all converted her to gained on call backup in mission or an extra Railjack crew members kill her to acquire cuttings edged Weaponry and Hopefully a Dazzling Ephemeral it’ll your Called Tenno

The Latest In Corpus tech

True to their high tech status the sisters of Parvos have been outfitted with eight of the most advanced weaponry in the Carpus Arsenal’s Similar to kuva Liches the Warframe That spawned a sister Will determined the Bouns Damaged Types off he’d prized Tenet weapon for example a sister spawned by ember Will haven’t an weapons with Bouns Heated Damaged Do your have what’s it takes to acquires themes for your self

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