Valorant is the lastest big shooter to get a mobile Spainoff

Valorant is the lastest big shooter to get a mobile Spainoff

Riot is bringing its tactical shooter Valorant to mobile devices there aren’t of details yet such as when it wil launch  on what hardware or Valorant is the lastest big shooter to get a mobile Spainoff

how it will differ from the main game but Riot says the new version will simply be called Valorant mobile

The developer claims that the pc version of the game which launched last year currently averages 14 million monthly players Valorant is also coming off of its biggest competitive tournament to date with an event in Iceland and riot says that more than 1 million concurrent views tuned in to the finals on may 31

The news should be too surprising Earlier this year Riot made a simliar move with league of Legends luaching a mobile focused spinoff called wild Riot meanwhile some of the most popular shooter in the world have moved to a smartphone iteration of apex Legends is also on the way

It also sounds like Riot is looking to build out Valorant in other ways without getting into details aside from the mobile version the developer says that it is preparing to expand the

franchise on other to bring Valorant to more players around the world again this would be following the League of Legends playbook which currently has expanded into everything from comic books to digital card games to.

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