Top 5 Android battle Royale game’s for Indians players in 2021

Top 5 Android battle Royale game’s for Indians players in 2021

The mobile gaming world is ruled by the battle Royal game and for good reason, the matches revolve around shooting and survival where a group of players land on a vast battlefield and fight amongst themselves to be the last one standing. Top 5 Android battle Royale game’s for Indians players in 2021

Indian mobile gamers have been Devdevasted ever since the ban of two popular battle Royale games PUBG mobile and pubg mobile lite Indian gamers who want to relive the battle Royale experience can check out the Android games listed below.

#1 Gerena  Free Fire – The cobra 

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Free fire

According to many players Free fire in the best battle Royale mobile games the match last for around 10-15 minutes and there can be a total of 50 players in one match free fire has a wide range of character the game Also offers skin and accessories that players can use to dress up their character

Download it from here

#2 Ghost Fire: free battle Royale & shooting games 

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Ghost fire battle Royale

Only 25 players land on the battlefield in the battle Royale matches of ghosts fire when it comes to team fight consist of two members in each land and the total number is increased to 30 players are giving the option to unlock new character with the progress of the games the skin in this game not only change the appearance of the character but also come with special Abilities

Download it from here

#3 scarf all the Royale combat

Scarf the Royale combat

One of the best aspects of the battle Royale games is that it compatible with low-end devices the title can also be played without an internet connection

The game has a good Arsenal of weapons that players can use to shoot enemies the title also offers vehicle like trains helicopter and cars to travel around the map

Download it from here

#4 Battlelands Royale


This title effectively blends humor with action and has been downloaded over 10 million times from good play store  the adorable character will surely win players over with their charm

There can be a total of 32 players in one battle Royale match which lasts for about five minutes players can use mini- guns Bazookas and assault rifles to shoot their foes

Download it from here

#5 FOG – MOBA Battle Royale 

FOG MOBA Battle Royale

This is not purely a battle Royale games the combination of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA ) and battle Royale makes it more exciting and fun to play

This game is set in a dark fantasy world and players can use both magic and weapons to fight their enemies the title has a great rating of 4.5 stars on the google play store

Download it from here


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