Thanos Cup Joining issues has been resolved players on the Oceania and Asia server

He is Invetable: Three years after his LTM debut in Fortnite Thanos arrives in The items Shop for the very first time Beginning at 8 PM ET on June 26.2021. Thanos Cup Joining Issues.

You can play as the Mad Titan Himself even equipping The Infinity Gauntlet. Back Bling inspired by Marvel’s studio Avengers Endgame Complete with all Six infinity stones.

Thanos is coming in Fortnite battle Royale Get Him First In The Thanos Cup.

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Before Thanos arrives in the Item Shop Players will have the opportunity to get his outfit. And back bling-inspired marvel Studios Avengers Endgame First By Competing in the Thanos Cup on 21 June.

Thanos Cup Joining issues For players on the Oceania and Asia server

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Thanos Cup Joining issues: Today had an event in Fortnite Thanos Cup for all regions in the world but for Asian and Oceania player facing a joining issue for Thanos cup event. recently Fortnite tweeted and says that issues have been resolved.

And a player from Asia and Oceania Server can participate in Thanos Cup and Fortnite extended this event for 30 mins in this region.


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