PUBG mobile 1.5 Ignition update released date and much more details

We already know many of the highlights and features coming with the Public mobile 1.5 updates entitled anti-gravity motorcycle to the new transit system in Erangel to a brand new weapon and much more thanks. PUBG mobile 1.5 Ignition update 50 million users have pre-registered now released date 6th July 2021

Pubg mobile 1.5 beta Patch notes now the player can finally start Per-registering for the coming to the live version here what you need to know from how to per-register to the update released data and a permanent free rewards.

PUBG mobile 1.5 Ignition update released data and much more

Per-registrations  up late 24th June 2021 everyone can now per-registrations for the update if the game is available in their country .

Follow the steps below to per-registerd

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• have the latest version of PUBG mobile installed and run the game

• head on over the event section

• Tab on the option and then tap on per-register now.

It’s really as simple as that by following these steps you are now per-registerd for the PUBG mobile 1.5 ignition update

PUBG Mobile Free rewards How to Claim Galaxy messenger 

All you need to do claim the free rewards is to per-register for the PUBG mobile 1.5 update 5th July 2021

Once the update released players will get the galaxy messenger outfit set for free this a permanent freebie which means if you per-register before the release date you get to keep it forever

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Release date

The global version of update has a release date set for 6th july 2021

This release date for the next big PUBG mobile update is showcased in game after Per-registering as 6th July 2021 at 00.00 therefore we expect The update to become available when the clock strikes Midnight

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