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“It makes me kind of scared” – Pokimane opens up on the Andrew Tate presence on the internet

Andrew's unfiltered views on women Pokimane raises concerns about the negative impact of his thoughts on the internet.

Imane “Pokimane” is a Twitch star streamer with millions of followers across all social media platforms. She was invited by Ethan and Hila Klei on their podcast “The H3 Podcast”. During the podcast, the streamer gives her opinion on many things happening on the internet.

However, the most talked about an issue she talked about is Andrew Tate’s presence on the internet and his influence over the young male generation. As if now Andrew is banned from almost every platform like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, for his stakes on women.

The Canadian streamer said that it makes me kind of scared because of the four-time boxing champions’ negative presence on the internet.

Pokimane Talks about Andrew Tate’s influence over young male generations 

Pokimane opens up on the Andrew Tate presence on the internet
Pokimane shows concern about the influence of Andrew Tate on the internet

Despite being banned from all of the major social media platforms Andrew’s influence is not decreasing and he also found a new home for sharing his thoughts which is Rumble. Because of Andrew’s unfiltered views on women Pokimane raises concerns about the negative impact of his thoughts on the internet.

In the podcast, the conversation start’s with Ethan joking about Andrew Tate getting a massive fan base when Pokimane is not active on social media, or if she is active there is no possibility that Tate get that huge fan base in just a few weeks. On which Imane replied:

“Literally, I left, and throughout that month, that’s when Andrew Tate became more popular, and then, I think God did me a solid. For real! Right before I came back, gonzo! So, you know?”

While asking more questions about Andrew Ethan asked Poki her thoughts on Tate’s presence on the internet and massive popularity on the internet. The twitch streamer gives her opinion that he gained prominent popularity in such a short period of time, but despite getting popularity she is also scared about his negative influence on the young male generation.

“To me, it just made me really sad, because I thought as internet users, we had kind of moved past this sort of talk, this sort of misogyny, this sort of rhetoric. To see it come back and rise up in such a massive manner, I guess was just surprising and kind of sad to see, especially in regards to the harassment that it resulted in.”

She continued and talked about how people get agree about what Andrew says every time:

“Something I don’t think people discuss enough is, clearly there must be a lot, especially young men, who for some reason resonate with what Andrew Tate is saying. Why is that, and are there any takeaways we can take from that in order to not have things not snowball so far out of control in the future?”

At the last Pokimane gave her last words on this topic by saying, if the young male generation is influenced by Andrew Tate. They have no role models in their life, to who they talked, and gets agree about what Andrew said about the women in a wrong manner.

“But it shows me that young men must not have many people to listen to or many people that are giving them advice like this. Many role models are guiding them. And I’m sure, you know, there are issues that both genders face, but young dudes, you know? They need some assistance, I guess.”

Furthermore, the podcast continues by discussing the internet viral issues, and also at she also added that this type of thing leads to a massive problem in the future if it is not controlled.

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