PS Plus Free game For November 2021 Check Now

Earlier today Sony made the surprise announcement that a State of Play will take place next week This Style of the announcement is a bit of a surprise for Sony as most past events Tuesday and then took place on the following Thursday This one was announced on a Friday and is taking place on a Wednesday PS Plus Free game For November 2021 Check Now

Notably Wednesday, October 27 is the last day of the month and is the date of the state of play it takes place at 2 PM PT/4 PM CT And will Focus on Primary third party PS4 and PS5 games while this means fans should expect God of War or Horizon Forbidden West there it’s the perfect set up to announce the PS Plus Free game For November

PS Plus Free Game Patterns

Fans are already aware of a few details for November selection primarily fans Know that they likely get one PS5 Game two PS4 Games and a Surprising addition if three PSVR Games Typically these games are announced on the last Wednesday before their addition on the first Tuesday of a month as such fans know the PS Plus Games will be made available on November 2 but they don’t know what game’s these will be

It is worth mentioning that fans have deduced upcoming PS Plus games before as one clear sign is that game released on that data and can’t be pre-ordered however there are no confirmed PlayStation releases for November 2 making it more of a surprise Either way while fans don’t know what it is there are a few clear signs they likely are announced at the State of Play

PS Plus Free games Reveal at the State of play?

First is obvious it’s the last Wednesday of the month Sony is likely to announce the games on that date anyway and so it would make the most sense to use the event if November is getting some good PS Plus Games Secondly the announcement already makes this event odd in comparison to a past state of plays with the reveal and timing likely being intentional as a result and it wouldn’t be the first time state of play was used to promote PS Plus

The past few months of PS Plus has largely Focused on third party games and so it makes sense especially if new third party Reveals are slated to take place without a game already occupying a November 2 release the most logical revel will be the new PS5 Game that appears on PS Plus with the proper announcement of all three at least coming Shortly after it may very well reveal all three but if there are new third party Reveals to be had it make sense to line those up and make them part of PS Plus Something not too dissimilar to a plague tale innocence overcooked all you can eat and he’ll let loose getting release data reveal shortly before their reveal addition

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