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Apex Legends Duo Queue Bug Will Be Fixed In Up Coming 9.1 Update Respawn

Respawn Confirms that the issue which is facing by players in Apex Legends DUO Queue Bug will be fixed in the upcoming update 9.1.

Apex Legends is a battleground game and most of the battleground games faces bug issues most of the time. Apex facing issue of DUO Queue player’s who queuing single for duo they didn’t get the partner for match.

If in duo match you have no partner with you, this is dis advantage for player. Saying that they are trying to fix this issues and it will be fixed in 9.1 update, which is coming on 29 June.

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Dev of apex legends talks about the DUO Queue bug they said the fix might not resolve it 100%, as Respawn says it’s been a tricky bug to “nail down.”

Ryan also said that game devs are trying to fix this issues and they are also not confirm it will fixed. And this bug is very hard to find it.

And he told a apex player that this bug is fixed with upcoming update and which is roll out on 29 June with 9.1 Patch.


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