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NODWIN Gaming talk about VCC (Valorant Conquerors Championship) and New logo reveal

On May 29th, 2021 announcement made on the stage of VCT finals which is happened between Fnatic and Sentinels.

Riot Announced the VCC (Valorant Conquerors Championship) for south Asian countries and has a chance to qualify APAC Last Chance Qualifiers and then VCT 2021 later this year. Riot organizing this tournament in partnership with NODWIN Gaming which is a tournament organizing Org.

This is a very long process for qualifying for VCT 2021 but South Asian teams Doing daily practice and giving their 100% to get a Slot in VCT 2021 and a chance to represent their country on a global stage.

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Recently NODWIN Gaming tweeted and talk about VCC (Valorant Conquerors Championship) and they reveal a new Logo for VCC  all details are here.

Now, on June 13th, 2021 NODWIN Gaming tweeted and reveal their logo for VCC (Valorant Conquerors Championship)

“It’s time to Showcase your Skills, Become the Conquerors of South Asia, and a chance to represent your nation at VCT 2021NODWIN Gaming’s Valorant Conquerors Championship Arriving 15.6.2021″

NODWIN Gaming has not revealed the format of tournament for that player’s and viewers have to wait for a while.


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