New Robocop Game In Development Based On Original Flim

Nacon gaming announced Robocop Rouge city a new game based on the original film trilogy that will allow players to step into the Chrome boots of cyborg police office Alex Murphy

Announced during Nacon Connect 2021 the brief teaser trailer for Robocop Rouge city does not reveal much on the upcoming game A Fictional radio broadcast details that the city of Detroit is overrun by violent criminals while a cityscape rises out of the darkness The trailer goes on to reveal the game logo, as well as brief shot of Robocop leg holster and iconic weapon the auto-9 Robocop Rouge city, is scheduled to launch in 2023

Teyon the studio behind 2019 Terminator Resistance is developing Robocop Rouge city no details on how the game will play have been revealed Based on the fact players will take control of Alex Murphy the titular robotic cop the game will likely take the form of a shooter

Developed in collaboration with Metro Goldwyn Mayer the production company that owns the right to Robocop Rouge city intends to provide fans with an authentic Robocop Game experience that is faithful to the franchise’s DNA while immersing gamers in an original story that enable them to play as none other than Robocop himself

We’re delighted to be teaming up with MGM to offer a new vision of a popular franchise that was created over 30 years ago This game is the perfect fit to pursue our aim of offering different gaming experiences to the widest possible audience said Alain Falc CEO of NACON.

The first Robocop film released in 1987 telling the story of Alex Murphy a good cop that fatally wounded by Criminals and rebuilt as a Cyborg throughout the original trilogy Murphy takes on a variety of bloodthirsty Criminals learning how to adjust to his new life as a half-human half-robot crime-fighter A new film titled Robocop Returning is currently in development

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