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Today is the Last Day to Transfer your ID from PUBG Mobile to BGMI

Today is the Last Day to transfer your ID because after that you will not be able to transfer your ID. From PUBG Mobile to BGMI (BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA) Krafton officially announce is the last day of ID transfer on 9 July is the last day. Krafton officially launch BGMI on 2 July and give us almost a week to transfer ID but if you do not transfer your ID still here are the details on how to transfer your ID.

How to Transfer PUBG MOBILE ID to BGMI

1. Before transferring data to better mobile in India you need to first create a new Battleground mobile India account. Just log in with your email different one from PUBG Mobile.

2. You have seen their BGMI ask your name and profile picture just select them. AND TAP TO CONTINUE.

3. And then you have to select your username and customize your character just do it and click create.

Then after you go to the BGMI lobby

1. Now you are able to transfer your old pubg mobile ID into BGMI just you have to go in setting there you find a button called transfer data just click on that.
There when the popup comes says you are a resident of India or not just say yes I am a resident from India.

2. Then after another popup will come and say you please confirm and you just have to tap that button yes please confirm button that will help you to transfer your ID.

3. Next pop up you are saying your data transfer a policy there you can see your all data will transfer just you have to type on us to confirm the account migration.

4. Now there you can see account transfer Tata social media account Facebook and Twitter just select one which is your old account and click ok.

5. And then you will see a pop-up from Facebook or Twitter there you have to just continue and submit the button.

6. Now you see the final process there just click on yes to confirm your transfer data from pubg mobile to Battleground mobile India.

7. And there you will see the continue button just click it and successfully your more pubg mobile data transfer to Battleground mobile India.

And then you are now able to see your old account in your new account in your Battleground mobile India I hope you like the article just share it with your friends to help them and thank you to read it.

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