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BGMI Season 20 detail and Ending Season 19 Schedule Ranking System

BGMI officially announced his Season 20 is coming but wait you want to check more detail about it there is something new in season 20. There is going to be a lot of fun while season 20 will come. Then the game will become even more popular. I think everybody is waiting for Season 20 because in India after launching Battleground mobile India there was a launch in mid-season 19. And I think BGMI announce after Season 20 Esports tournaments Update and IOS update. So much time was waiting by iOS users I think maybe the game will come in season 20 for IOS Users. Let’s first talk about the season 19 ending schedule.

BGMI Season 19 Ending detail

Season 19 Ending Schedule and Ranking

Ranking Season 19 & C1S1 Schedule End of Season 19: 2021/07/14 (Wed) 05:29:59 AM

To apply the changes in the Ranking Season system, a patch was conducted on July 7th (Wed); In turn, the end of Ranking Season 19 is changed to 2021/07/14 (Wed) 05:29:59 AM. Previously noticed the end of Ranking Season 19: 2021/07/17 (Sat) 05:29:59 AM

  • Ranking Season 19 is still exposed as 2021/07/17 (Sat) 05:29:59 AM in the game, and it will be fixed through a patch soon.
  • Opening of Ranking C1S1: 2021/07/14 (Wed) 07:30:00 AM

Royal Pass Season 19 & M1 Schedule

  • End of Royal Pass Season 19: 2021/07/13 (Tue) 05:29:59 AM
  • Opening of M1: 2021/07/14 (Wed) 07:30:00 AM

Precautions in Royal Pass

  • Royal Pass is a seasonal item that can only be used until the end of the corresponding season. It cannot be used after the season ends, and needs re-purchase when a new season opens.
  • When Royal Pass Season 19 ends, both the Royal Pass level and RP will be reset.
  • You must claim all the Royal Pass Season 19 rewards before the end of the season.
  • RP claimed with a purchase of a crate from the end of Royal Pass Season 19 to before the opening of Season M1 will not be applied. (Applicable only to purchases after the opening of season M1)

BGMI Season 20 detail

Season 20 Changes in Ranking Season

  • From Ranking Season 20, Cycle will be applied; 3 Seasons will be combined as 1 Cycle.
  • Additional rewards can be obtained by consecutively achieving a specific tier within a Cycle.
  • When a Cycle(3 Seasons combined) ends, Cycle 2 begins and will proceed as follows: C2S1 > C2S2 > C2S3

Changes in Royal Pass Season 20

  • From Royal Pass Season 20, the season will run on a monthly basis.
  • Abbreviation of season, e.g., S1, S2… will be changed to M1, M2… etc., and Season 20 will be named as M1, Season 21 as M2, and so on.

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