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BGMI IOS Date Reveal By Dynamo Gaming On His Stream

BGMI since its release last month, Krafton release BGMI only on Android but not on IOS devices release date is not confirmed for IOS devices. But BGMI IOS Date Reveal By Dynamo Gaming.

Many content creators like Dynamo Gaming, Scout, Mortal, Ghatak, and Jonathan tell their audience to play on android because many scrims and tournaments will play on android.

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Player’s eagerly waiting for BGMI IOS Release date and, many tournaments also started and right now BGMI still not available for IOS Users.

Dynamo Gaming Reveal the BGMI Launch Date On IOS

In a recent stream, he reveals the BGMI launch date on IOS. He is just talking to his viewers then he suddenly says that 15 – 20 Aug is going to be big days. He also says that in a funny way “iPhone Charge pe Laga deta hu “.

This means he talking about the BGMI launching date on IOS.

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Also in a recent post from Krafton showing signs of BGMI launching on IOS. I think it’s gonna be launch before the BGMI Tournament and IOS Devices can also be allowed in the tournament.

These are some Post from Krafton Related BGMI Launching on IOS

BGMI IOS Release Date
BGMI IOS Release Date
BGMI IOS Release Date Reveal By Dynamo Gaming
BGMI IOS Release Date Reveal By Dynamo Gaming

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