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BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) Download APK+OBB link & Everything About BGMI

BGMI Today Krafton release early access to download battleground mobile India and every pubg mobile player had a smile on their faces come back when Krafton announce the early access is here. Finally, BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) early access here for many days I think approx 45 days roomers had that BGMI coming on 17-18 June that’s it correct Krafton release Battleground Mobile India.

In this article how to become a Krafton early access partner and join to download battleground mobile India early access and play it and experience the first time.

How to get Early Access BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

Step1 – The first player needs to get Battleground Mobile India Main site

Step2 – When getting to the site of battleground mobile India you see their early access option you have to choose it. Then it shows this –

click the button to become a early access partner
Click the button to become an early access partner

Step3 – Then BGMI gives you permission to download the game on the play store

Download and Play early access BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)
Download and Play early access BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

Step4 – After installation and open the game then ask for the LOW and HD pack downloading option. After this, u can freely play the game. The game is only 720MB.

APK Download

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) Ban Period Policy

Since the announcement of battleground mobile India (BGMI) in May, players are very excited to play this game and on 17th may Krafton release early access for some players of BGMI (Battleground Mobile India). And already it’s downloading counting across 5 million downloads and going on up, ban Period Policy.

BGMI Ban Period Policy

Before playing the game BGMI you need to read a ban policy of Krafton on which of your action will break the rule of the game and give you a ban.

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BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) Ban Period Policy
BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) Ban Period Policy

About Battleground India mobile

We welcome our beloved fans of battle royale games to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, directly serviced by KRAFTON.

Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA for free and jump into an amazing array of maps, game modes, and exciting challenges. You can go solo, or you can team up with your friends to answer the call of duty and take your enemies head-on

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a new free game made for Indians. As promised, we come with an exciting array of Launch events to celebrate the week, and even beyond.

As more and more players join the game, the India Ka Battlegrounds event rewards you with a permanent purple outfit for free, so invite your friends and get set! There is more to come such as Weekend Vibes, Celebration Time, Friends for Life, and much more with exciting rewards from outfits to weapon skins. Tune into the lobby and drop onto the battlegrounds today!

Set in a virtual world, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a new battle royale game where multiple players employ strategies to fight and be the last man standing on the battlegrounds. A free-to-play, multiplayer experience, in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, players can battle it out in diverse game modes which can be squad-based or solo.


Featuring diverse maps with different terrains on a virtual setting, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA utilizes the full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound, to build a truly immersive experience on a mobile phone. Pick your map and mode that suits you and get set for a thrilling ride.

More than pure combat, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA the free-to-play new game, is also a battle of wits, as you develop strategies to take on your enemies in a battle royale mode or a free firefight or even a one-one TDM. Are you up for the challenge?

With detailed monthly new content updates and world-class collaborations, there is always something to look forward to in this battle royale game. As we progress down the calendar, we will hear more and more feedback from you on India’s favorite game, we will work with partners and bring exciting new collaborations your way.

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