Marshmello fortnite skin bundle should be today fortnite item shop

Marshmello Fortnite skin bundle should be today Fortnite item shop May 28th/29th/2021

It looks like Marshmello is making a return in the Fortnite item shop for whatever reason a Chuka of the Fortnite player based are obsessed with getting the rarest Fortnite skin Rare Fortnite skin are usually either skins that were only available once the player purchased a particular Samsung device. Marshmallow Fortnite skin bundle should be today Fortnite item shop

If skin or cosmetics hasn’t been in the item shop for a long period it’s usually considered a rare skin there also skins that player simple want because they missed out on purchasing it the first time around

Player has been waiting for Travis Scott to come back to the Fortnite Item shop after it was first released in April 2020 it was thought that it would return in April 2021 but player looking forward to purchasing the skin were left disappointed as it’s still yet to return to the item shop more than a year later

However, players have been waiting for other skins to return including the Marshmello skin and it looks like ‘it be in today Fortnite item shop

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