Introducing India TSM Free Fire Team TSM FTX

Team Solomid has hired a new roster under their Indian division for competing in yet another mobile battle royale title called Free fire TSM India reaveled the roster linecp via a post on their social media handle and the organization has acquired an entire team called Sixth Sense. Introducing India TSM Free Fire Team

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TSM entered India by collaboration with entity Gaming and formed TSM entity once of the best PUBG Mobile rosters the region which claimed most of the trophies in the competitive tournament and the organization is planning to do the same with free fire In a poster captioned meet the Roster That Going To take Home Every Trophy TSM announced their entry into Free fire ESport.

Introducing India TSM Free Fire Team 

TSM Free fire Roster

1. TSM FTX IIuminati -Sagar Patel

2.TSM FTX Mr. Jay -Jayesh Yadav

3.TSM FTX OLDmonk-Naitik Khoshto

4. TSM FTX Stoner- Titas Roy

5.TSM FTX Indro – IndraniI saha

Earlier this year the roster won the free fire which had a massive prize pool of $50k Additionally the Roster secured third and fourth places at free fire India Championships (FFlC) 2020 and FFIC 2021 They Also secured eighth place in the Qualcomm Free fire open Season 1

Apart from these major events the team won some minor titles like Booyah India Booyah Cup Rheo TV event and Yuvin Cup

Today the roster will Also participate in the Kolkata finals of free fire city Open 2021($81k prize pool) In addition they are invited to participate in the First ever Free Fire Pro League 2021($50k Prize pool) .


Founded in 2009 by Andy Dinh Team Solomid (TSM) is based in Los Angeles California on June 4th they officially Changed their name to TSM FTX After signing a 10 Year naming Right agreement with Hong Kong based Cryptocurrey exchange FTX

For TSM India this marks the second mobile gaming lineup Last year they went into partnership with entity Gaming to field a PUBG Mobile .

ALSO Read:The Future of the ESports india mobile gaming

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