Fortnite seems to be getting a mistbron crossover first skin

Fortnite seems to be getting a Mistborn crossover

The world of Scadiral seems to be joining the Fortnite Metaverse Scadiral belongs to the Mistborn book series written by Brandon Sanderson who teased the collaboration by Retweeting the official Fortnite Twitter account but it’s not clear just yet what is actually coming to the game. Fortnite seems to be getting a Mistborn crossover

If you aren’t into fantasy books Brandon Sanderson is among the most popular and prolific authors working in the genre at the moment he wrote in other genres but Fantasy is what he best known for among fans favorite Sanderson books is the Mistborn series which currently has two separate sequels and one shorter transition book between Sanderson also got another extremely popular fantasy series called the Stromilght archive which will eventually stretch to 10 books but has only released four so far

Based on the Fortnite Twitter account first tease of epic collaboration with the author it’s seems that whatever coming to the game is Mistborn -related

The tweet has a short message along with a symbol at the top that in the Mistborn world represent iron one of the metal used in Allomacy the series metal-based magic system in Allomacy iron allows users to pull other metals to them something that would actually fit fight into Fortnite unfortunately I’m not enough of a Mistborn fan l ve only sorry to have much Interpretation of the massage itself

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