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Fau g mobile game registration officially on start google play store

Fau g mobile game registration officially on start google play store

Ncore games has announced the pre registration for FAU-G is now open on the google play store

Player who pre- register Wil have early access to the game ahead of launch

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Pre registration for FAU G

Ncore games had kept FAU G for the most part under a heavy could of mystery ever since dropping the first teaser of the game that detailed the probably location off it’s first level it released in November of 2020 and it’s seemed like the planned release date will not be met as there was little to no communication on the developers partHowever it’s seems like ncore games has indeed come through and opened per registration for FAU G on the Google play store Although fans remain cautiously optimistic the game is still one the most talked about in the country there has been much speculation regarding of FAU G and soon enough player’s will be able to experience it for themselves

Fau g mobile game registration officially on start google play store

The game initial announced come shortly after Industry mammoth PUBG Mobile fell to time axe along with several other apps with Chinese ties in the absence of a strong computer like PUBG mobile many feel that FAU G will have an easier time in the market

With PUBG mobile set  to make a comeback however FAU G now Finds itself in an Extemely precious position and it remains to be seen how the gamer fares with the audiences

Pre registration allows player’s to get the first look at the game ahead of released when the beta is rolled out essentially pre registration is equivalent to having early access to game .

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