Epic games Store Free games for 15 July Leaked update

Unless the Epic Games store Is up to its mystery game antics those who use its platform receive a couple of free the following week revealed at the same time for example while players have until 10 am CT tomorrow to claim this week free game the spectrum Retreat they already know what to expect for tomorrows. Epic Games Store Free games for 15 July Leaked update

Beginning at 10 am CT tomorrow players will be able to pick up bridge Constructor The walking Dead and iron cast for free one thing the store does well is focusing on games that are lesser-known as the former is a puzzle game based on getting vehicles to safety during the zombie apocalypse while the latter is a turn-based mech gamer They will be available from July 8 to July 15 with expected to be revealed tomorrow however it seems to have leaked online ahead of time

Epic Games Store Game List For July 2021

The free game for July 15 is myst developer Obduction As with all rumours and leaks this should be taken for a grain of salt but the details revealed do seem to line up Mydealz lists the game for 5 PM CEST which is 10 AM CT. It lists it available as free for one week but players don’t need to download it to keep it permanently either way EGS Users will know for sure tomorrow as the company will confirm or invalidate this leak

For those who are unaware Obduction is an adventure game by Cyan World’s will it servings as a spiritual successor to its previous games Myst and Riven in it players find themselves transported to Strange alien world’s where they must figure out a variety of puzzle to get home players will have to interact with the world’s around a theme to do so with many objects Found in-game being fully examinable Overall The game has been deemed Favorable by critics with aggregate score typically in the mid to high 70s

It’s worth mentioning that the Epic Games store may not be the Leakiest platform in the Gaming industry but the various game have been accurately leaked ahead of their addition before As such it wouldn’t be surprising to see Obduction confirmed as one of the July 15 Games as the leak is solid enough And the game itself fits into the short of games EGS typically offers

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