Epic games statement suggest further delays to second fortnite World Cup

Epic games statement suggest further delays to the second Fortnite World Cup

Covid -19 brought the global to a standstill in 2020 and while restrictions are slowly starting to ease up we still feel the impact every day in December Fortnite developer epic games released a blog post detailing their stance on the future of in personal tournament in relation to the pandemic. Epic games statement suggest further delays to second Fortnite World Cup

With so much still unknown about what is practical and safe we do not plan to hold in-person events in 2021 including a Fortnite World Cup explained the article they went on the addition we will continue to provide online competition throughout 2021 with the hopes that physical event in some form can return at some point in the future

Epic has not issued any further update during the last six months and the online Fortnite champion series has continued to be the primary

the competitive focus now through new information has Surfaced which seems to indicate that the company outlook remains pessimistic

A recent press release from regional tournament organizer lowa ESports has gained traction among the Fortnite community on

Twitter the announcement confirms that the Midwest open Circuit LAN event planned for June 12-13 has been canceled following fresh Correspondence with epic games

Today epic games noticed us that they will not allow any in-person events to take place due to  the pandemic wrote lowa ESports they stated that they do not plan to allow in-person events until Q2 2022 or when the global impact from covid -19 has diminished

Not only does this mean that we cannot expect epic to host any official in-person Fortnite competition for at least another years but also that smaller  third party LAN events are

likely of the cards too. This includes the Previously rumored Dreamhack winter tournament pegged for November 2021.

While this latest statement is not much different than epic original guidance

many fans were hopeful that the easing of restrictions and successful vaccine rollout across North America Europe and other territories would help to speed the process up.

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