Cyberpunk 2077 Finally Added The Ability to Listen Radio music

Cyberpunk 2077 includes a plethora of Radio Stations That players can enjoy as they roam around the various locales in night city up until recently, however, radio access was consigned to Vehicles only meaning that once you stepped out onto the street the music would simply cut off

Thankfully the pocket Radio mod (Spotted by PC games N) has added tools that allow players to listen to the game music on the go the personal walkman allows players to toggle the game Radio on and off through hotkey bindings and incorporates the use of a HUD which can be accessed on Screen For Further Settings Including Volume Controls And the ability to switch stations. Cyberpunk 2077 Finally Added The Ability

Players also have the option to customize some other settings that may be useful during gameplay The mod Comes with an auto Hide HUD Timer which can be adjusted to change the duration of idle activities necessary before the HUD Disappears From The Screen players can also tweak The game in Combat Volume Controls to their liking which could be particularly useful during stealth-based runs

Currently, the mod cites several small known issues that players may experience in-game. For example, the Royal blue and Samizdat Radio Stations Aren’t Currently Usable in-game and the mod audio quality may not be quite clear as the purpose of the game-built vehicle audio. Additionally, when combat music starts playing the Pocket Radio audio may become muffled until a point at which the combat Music stops.

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