Celebrate F1 2021 Imminent Launch Trailer and Release Date

F1®2021 is nearly here the countdown to game launch is very much on and there are only a few days to wait until you can get your hands on the Game pick Up your Helmet put on your driving gloves and celebrate With our launch trailer. Celebrate F1 2021 Imminent Lunch Trailer and Release Date

every story has a beginning 

Braking point is F1 2021 brand new story mode starts with one of five team’s and rise from the ranks of F2 to the heights of F1 introduce yourself to the leading lights of this thrilling story here and if you want to watch the first hour check out our creator playlist here be Prepared for spoilers thought

Two Players Career

Work together and play Cooperatively to compete against each other with F1 2021 Two players career Just like in F1 2020 Two players split-screen is back too for those who want to challenge their rivals on the couch

Real season starts

Jump into the season action at my point that has already Occurred with real-time driver and constructor standings.

BRAND New Diver Ratings

Compare and contrast F1 and F2 drivers based on experience Race Craft awareness pace and overall ratings including the seven iconic drivers that are in the digital deluxe edition we revealed the full driver ratings for F1 2021 earlier this week get the lowdown here.

More Customisable than ever before

Both Seasoned veterans and those new to the formula 1 game will find more options than ever with casual standard and expert Game mode designed to help create the perfect racing experience. Celebrate F1 2021 Imminent Lunch Trailer and Release Date

Join The New Generation 

For the first time, F1 2021 be released on Xbox series X|S And Playstation 5 alongside PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC via Steam Taking advantage of the next-generation hardware you enjoy a stunning Graphical uplift quicker loading times improved Force Feedback and a much more detailed damage model

There still time for you to per order if you can wait to get F1 2021 the digital deluxe edition launches on July 13 with seven iconic F1 drivers for my team’s extra customisation contest 18,000 Bitcoins, are the braking point content pack

Pre-orders of the standard edition available starting July 16 will include the braking point Contest Pack and 5.000 Bitcoins

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