Battlegrounds mobile India to launch in June third week

Battlegrounds mobile India to launch in June third week

Pubg mobile India Battlegrounds mobile India to launch in June third week

Well krafton is yet to officially confirm the launch date for the game but a new report now  that game but a new report now  .

Several reports in the past have revealed details related to the . While one report showed June 10 as the launch date another report revealed that the  will be released on June

A new report coming from eSports team solomid coach abhijeet andhere  that the  of June since all three reports  past and lastest  mid June as the released timeline for the game it is likely that

krafton could follow the same timeline however we will still suggest you take these reports related to the release data  game with a pinch of salt until krafton official announced the date

Whoever Per-registration for the game will get rewards including the recon mask the recon outfit celebration Experts titles and 300 AG to Per-registration head google play store search for and click on Per-registration option and get rewards at the launch.

There is no information on what happened next meanwhile krafton has asked content creators to no call battlegrounds mobile India with pubg

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