VCC India Qualifier 2 Quarterfinals Matches (VALORANT Conquerors Championship)

India Qualifier 2 of VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) NODWIN Gaming NODWIN Gaming going on now and qualifier 2 reached its final stages top 8 teams are in the Quarterfinals. Which teams are in the quarterfinals and which team facing another team in the quarterfinal.

NODWIN Gaming hosting VCC (VALORANT Conquerors Championship) in the South Asian countries and teams of this region has a chance to qualify for APAC Last Chance Qualifiers and then VCT 2021 later this year. India Qualifier 1 winner is Velocity Gaming they defeat Global Esports in the finals and fixed their spot in the VCC tournament where the top 8 teams fight for $ 33,000 prize pool money and slot in APAC Last Chance Qualifiers.

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VCC India Qualifier 2 Quarterfinals Team Names 

Global Esports – HellrangeR, KappA, Lightningfast, skillZ and SkRossi

SUS SquaD – AEZ95, ChoBzx, DrixoT, Kubrix, Zoid, and KoKKi

Team T69 – Binks, EdiT99, FOX, SSSami, strixx and BADlove

Reckoning Esports – L0sttt, JN, OrangeLeaf, PanzeR, tryst, and GodspeedxD

Enigma Gaming – BadmaN, ezzzyyyxD, godvexy, hikkA, and Rawfiul

Team Novas –  Corde,  kibo,  Messiiii, SteelBoDy, Thanos, and Baba Flexdude

Team XO – Ghost, blackhawk, excali, psy and Whimp

GODLIKE ESPORTS – Antidote, Flexx, haiVaan, Rexy and WhiteHorse

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VCC India Qualifier 2 Quarterfinals Matches and Date & Time

1 – Global Esports V\S SUS SquaD Date & Time –

2 – Team T69 V\S Reckoning Esports Date & Time –

3 – Enigma Gaming  V\S Team Novas Date & Time –

4 – Team XO V\S GODLIKE ESPORTS Date & Time –

VCC India Qualifier 2 Semi-Finals and Finals Date & Time

After the quarterfinals winner teams get into the semi-finals and then the winning team goes into the finals. Semi-finals and Finals are will be streamed on NODWIN Gaming Youtube Channel. But on which date and time!

Semi-Finals Match 1 – 7AUG & 17:00

                    Match 2 – 7AUG & 19:30

Finals Match – 8AUG & 19:00

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