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ZeddXValorant Collaboration Give Players New Spectrum Skin Bundle

With this collaboration, ZeddXValorant brings a new Spectrum skin bundle. New shiny, amazing VFX and it come with sound effects also.

As you all know zedd is a  Russian-born German DJ, record producer, and songwriter. He also likes to play Valorant a lot, appearance of Zedd shown in the “Year-One Anthem Video”. From that point of moment, valorant fans and players are waiting for a collab of the Zedd and valorant. If you know that Zedd is an Immortal ranked player.

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It’s the first celebrity collaboration of Valorant with Zedd. He worked on the music and sound effects on his own, so the player can enjoy the game with some music.

This video post on the valorant youtube channel on 7th September 2021. Where Zedd presenting a new Spectrum skin bundle to the audience.

Valroant Spectrum Skin bundle Effects and Weapons 

Spectrum Skin bundle is more about the sound effect because Zedd worked a lot on the sound effects music on his own. This skin bundle has a very attractive animation also changed round by round.

This Spectrum skin bundle contains Phantom, Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, and Waveform Melee. Which is cost around 10700 VP, with this player get also a Spectrum gun buddy, Zedd gun buddy, Spectrum player card, and Spectrum spray.

Spectrum has three colors Red, Black, and Purple. The finisher of this bundle unlocks on tier 4.

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With the ZeddXValorant collaboration and bringing the new spectrum skin bundle into the game. Players can have different experiences with music and sound effects.

“A collection of weaponized color and sound that elevates the way you experience the game, taking you from a player to a performer.”

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