Valorant New Riot Client Coming Soon

We’re excited to share that we’re preparing to launch a brand new Riot Client in the coming weeks so why Launch the Riot Client Now ? Valorant New Riot Client Coming Soon details

Over the last few years we’ve finally put the in Riot games and you’ve created diverse and thriving communities around Team Fight tactics Legends of Runeterra VALORANT will Rift and of Course League of Legends we wanted to develop a client that would give you the best experience possible and get you into your favourite desktop game quickly while also giving you the opportunity to explore all of what Riot has to offer

Valorant New Riot Client Coming Soon

All the Riot titles have actually already been using this multi game client but Skinned for each individual game and without a way to access your library of Riot Game we’re now adding a new user interface streamlined features and even more on the way after launch with the new Riot Client it be easier for you to discover and access all of what we have to offer all desktop Riot Games will be accessible from one client with each game having its own dedicated product page with game specific content including the latest news and events you be able to clean up your desktop and only have one Riot Client launcher where all your favourite Riot games will live however if you prefer you can maintain your existing game desktop shortcuts for a direct patch to your favourite game

What Building The best Client Experience Means to Us

You won’t have to manually download or install anything new to upgrade

You all always have access to relevant News updates and information when you want it 

And you be able to go straight to game and being hard stuck silver when you don’t

What it will look like

Even though all Riots games will be housed under one Riot Client each game will have its own dedicated landing page with game specific details and dynamic call to action game Pages will include cinematic background previews of events and relevant News to you all while being able to install or patch the game you can aslo scroll and explore all Riot games in the games library.

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