Valorant Masters Berlin Day 1 Matches Update

Valorant masters berlin started from 10th September 2021 and day 1 matches have been played also. Group stage matches are started now every 15 teams divided into 4 groups. But in the absence of Bren Esports group D teams will play 2 rounds against each other.

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The group stage is a double-elimination format and the top 2 teams will qualify for the Playoffs stage.

Valorant Masters Berlin Day1 Matches

1 st match  – Acend V/s SuperMassive Blaze (BO3)

2 nd match G2 V/s F4Q (BO3)

3 rd match – 100 Thieves V/s Havan Liberty (BO3)

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Acend V/s SuperMassive Blaze

In this match, Acend Split(Ace) and Breeze(SMB) map is a ban, and 1st map was picked by Acend Bind. 2nd map was picked by SMB Ascent. And the last map was picked by Ascend Icebox.

It’s a BO3 battle between both teams and Acend wins this battle by a 2-0 score against SMB. In the first match, Acend defeat SMB by a score of 13-5, and Ace CNED become the match MVP.

And in the 2nd match, Acned also wins this map by a score of 13-9 and also wins the BO3 battle. In this match one’s again Ace CNED becomes match MVP.

G2 V/s F4Q

G2 Esports represent the EU region and F4Q represents the Korean region. Map picks by both teams are – Map1 picked by G2 Ascent, Map2 picked by F4Q Bind, and Map 3 picked by G2 Haven.

This match is also BO3 formate in which both teams give a tough fight to each other. But in the end, G2 esports wins this battle by a score of 2-1.

In 1st match, G2 esports easily defeat the F4Q by a score of 13-5. In which G2 Keloqz become the match MVP by 18 kills.

2nd match is won by F4Q with a score of 13-9, and they label the score as 1-1. And F4Q Fivek becomes the match MVP by 22 kills.

In the last match of Haven, G2 esports won the match and they also won the BO3 battle. The score of this match is 13-8 and G2 KeloQz becomes the match MVP by 24 Kills.

100 Thieves V/s Havan Liberty

100 Thieves represent the NA region where Havan Liberty is from the Brazilian region. It’s a BO3 battle and the map picked by both teams are – Map 1 picked by 100T Ascent, Map2 picked by HL Icebox, Map 3 Picked by 100T Haven.

In the BO3 battle, 100 Thieves easily won the battle by a score of 2-0 against Havan Liberty.

On the map of Ascent Havan Liberty get the first two rounds but after that 100 Thieves just easily won the match by a score of 13-3. In which 100T Ethan becomes the match MVP by 16 kills.

And in the second map of Icebox, 100T won this map also by a score of 13-6 and also won the BO3 battle by a 2-0 score. In this match, 100T Asuna becomes the match MVP by 22 kills.



Valorant Masters Berlin Prize-Pool

  • 1st – Champions $2,25,000 (Slot in Champions)
  • 2nd – Runner-up $1,25,000 (Points – 375)
  • 3rd & 4th – $85,000 (Points – 325)
  • 5th & 8th – $25,000 (Points – 275)
  • 9th & 10th – $10,000 (Points – 225)
  • 11th & 15th – $10,000 (Points – 175)
  • Bren Esports(Disqualified) – $10,000 (Points – 175)

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