Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin All Qualified Teams

Valorant Champions Tour 2021 in its end phase teams are fighting from regions, in masters to qualify for the big event Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin which going to happen on Dec 2-12.

When the Riot announce his Valorant game they built a structure of Esports how they gonna grow up their Valorant Esports. The riot started Regional VCT qualifiers, Masters, and also introduced the circuit points. Whichever the teams have most circuit points from their region they gonna qualify for the big event Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin.

Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin All Qualified Teams 

These teams are qualified because they have the most circuit points in their region. and recently Gambit Esports won the Masters Berlin so they get the direct slot in the Champions. Slots of regions in Valorant Champions EMEA(2), NA(2), SEA(2), LATAM(1), KR(1), JP(1), BR(2), and the last four slots are for those who won the Regional last chance Qualifier NA, SA, EMEA, APAC.

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Masters Berlin

Gambit Esports

Circuit Points 

  • Sentinels (NA – 775)
  • Team Envy (NA – 450)
  • KRU Esports (LATAM – 495)
  • Crazy Racoon (JP – 475)
  • Vision Strikers (KR – 415)
  • X10 (SEA – 295)
  • Team Secret (SEA – 225)
  • Acend – (EMEA – 375)
  • Fnatic (EMEA – 350)
  • NA Last Chance – ?
  • EMEA Last Chance – ?
  • APAC Last Chance – ?
  • SA Last Chance – ?

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These are the qualified teams for the Valorant Champions 2021 in Berlin. All the teams are table toppers of their region in terms of circuit points. Because Gambit Esports won the masters berlin Fnatic got the 2nd slot of the EMEA from circuit points.

Riot announce the rest of the 4 slots for the last chance qualifier for NA, SA, EMEA, and APAC. From these 4 tournament, the winner gets the slots of Valorant Champions.


Riot announce the qualified teams but they don’t reveal the rest of the part of the tournament like Format, Prize-Pool, Broadcast Talent. And this championship going to start in Dec Berlin.

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