Valorant Best Tips And Tricks to play like pro

Valorant is Riot Games 5v5 Competitive Shooter that is taking the Esports World by Storm, and some Valorant tips and beginners would come in handy. Valorant lets its players pick From a wide range of Variety From a Roster of 15 unique agents to play on 6 different maps.

Each agent is unique in its ways and has a range of abilities for players to explore. The gameplay of each amalgamed with particular agent traits is what makes the game enjoyable. The article list Valorant tips for beginners so that you can give your best on the battlefields.

Valorant tips for beginners

Given most players Come From FPS Background if only Shooting Games, Valorant Might Strike as Something different beginners especially, needs a Set of Tips to improve their gameplay in a short time. Here are some:

1 Personalize Settings 

Although Valorant Comes With a default setting including a Crosshair And Sensitivity it is highly likely that they do not suit you The First thing a newbie in Valorant Should do is figure out their Comfortable sensitivity and Crosshair amongst other settings and change them.

2. Range and Aim 

Players in Valorant mostly beginners tend to aim at the ground as they go around the map. Doing a Stipulated time of Practice at the range will definitely improve the aim as well as gameplay.

3 Counter Strafing 

Counter Strafing in Valorant is an advanced technique That you can use to counter out your own movement. This allows your First shot fired to be completely accurate even if you’re moving. This will help you to get extra accuracy on your first shot.

4. Communication

Communication is the key to Coordinated Gameplay In Valorant or any team Game most lower Elo lobbies don’t Use Comm, resulting in a disaster in Coordination. Start Using your mic or at least Valorant Comms From today.

5. Recoil Control 

While Weapon sprays Can help in many cases beginners need to get used to the Specific weapon recoil patterns in Valorant to get the most out of it. A daily practice of recoil Control of your main weapon in the range can come a long way.

6. Checking Corners 

Most beginners in age get killed due to a lack of map Knowledge. While maps in Valorant are mostly are pretty Straightforward they have a lot of Corner and enemies are always lurking for one Free kill. So don’t give them One! Check every Corner when you are flanking or playing on a retake.

7. Improved Strategies: Line Ups And Faking Sites 

For beginners, the game feels simple to the extent of planting or defusing the spikers. But rethinking your Strategies can help o lot in the Future. Learning post plant or retake lineups for some agents like Viper can prove to be very useful.

Another Strategy Commonly Followed by professionals is not Crowding one site and keeping options open. So Instead of team pushing, players can fake a suit using one agent, and plant on another site once Enemies have rotated.

8. One Way Smokes 

Just like lineups of molly and walls beginners can also get hold of some one-way smokes if they are playing smoke agents in Valorant. They are an amazing way to trick unware players into getting damaged, if not die without you being seen.

9. Wall Bangs 

If you still haven’t improved on your aim after long, this one is for you. Wall bangs are not as bad as they sound, and are even used by Professionals Strategically. Getting some Free kills will help the game after all.

10. Economy Planning

Another main Problem with beginners in Valorant is their Economy plans. While some players can buy experience weapons, others can’t afford a pistol. It’s best to discuss the economic plan with your team along with the strategy.

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