Valorant APAC Last Chance Qualifier Schedule, Format & Team Name

Valorant Apac Last Chance Qualifier Schedule, Format, and Teams. Valorant Apac Last chance Qualifier is the last tournament before the big event of Valorant Champions. The winner of the Apac Last chance qualifier will get a direct slot in the Valorant Champions.
So the teams have a chance to qualified for the champions. this tournament going to be played between the No2 seed or No3 seed teams of Circuit points in their region, and One slot for VCC which is won by Global Esports. Valorant gives extra slots to china but valorant is not released yet in china so let’s see what happens to these slots.

The Valorant Apac last chance qualifier is Online Event and it going to happen on October 11-17. The Format and Teams are revealed by Riot but the Prize-pool is yet to be revealed.

APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier Format 

  1. Double-Elimination bracket
  2. All matches (excl. Grand Final) are Bo3
  3. Grand Final is Bo5
APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier Format 
APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier Format

APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier Team Name And Player Name Or Participants

  1. VCC winner Global Esports And Player Name India HellrangeR, India KappA, India Lightningfast, India skillZ, India SkRossi
  2. SEA Circuit Points #3 Paper Rex And Player Name Singapore Benkai, Malaysia d4v41, Indonesia f0rsakeN, Indonesia mindfreak, Singapore shiba, France alecks
  3. SEA Circuit Points #4 FULL SENSE And Player Name Thailand ChAlalala, Thailand JohnOlsen, Thailand LAMMYSNAX, Thailand PTC, Thailand SuperBusS, Thailand Tongrak, Thailand Leaf
  4. SEA Circuit Points #5 BOOM Esports And Player Name Indonesia blaZek1ng, Indonesia asterisk, Indonesia Eeyore, Indonesia NcSlasher, Indonesia fl1pzjder, South Korea meow
  5. JP Circuit Points #2 ZETA DIVISION And Player Name Japan Laz, Japan crow, Japan takej, Japan Reita, Japan barce, Japan JUNiOR, Japan XQQ
  6. JP Circuit Points #3 REJECT And Player Name Japan HaReeee, Japan Feez, Japan Kaminari, Japan NoriseN, TBD, Japan koyori
  7. KR Circuit Points #2 NUTURN And Player Name Gaming South Korea peri, South Korea allow, South Korea Suggest, South Korea Hyeoni, South Korea solo, South Korea Jaemin
  8. KR Circuit Points #3 F4Q And Player Name South Korea Bunny, South Korea Efina, South Korea Esperanza, South Korea FiveK, South Korea zunba, South Korea Locomotive
  9.  China Slots.

APAC VCT Last Chance Qualifier Prize Pool

If we talk about Prize Pool is yet to be reveald
  • 1st Place – $
  • 2nd Place – $
  • 3rd Place – $
  • MVP of The Tournament – $

Where can You watch this tournament?

Here you watch this tournament live on Youtube in the Hindi Language on NODWIN Gaming Youtube Channel. and is also going to stream in all Asian languages on Valorant Champions Tour Channel Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook.

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The winner of this tournament will get a direct slot in Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin. Last Chance qualifiers are also going in NA, SA, and EMEA regions. So these teams are going to give their best efforts in this tournament to represent your region on a big plan Event of Valorant history.

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