Top 5 Best players to look out at VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin

Top 5 Best Players to look out at VALORANT champions 2021 Berlin. This list is best on players throughout the year of competitive journey and performance. VALORANT Champions tour come to an end after one year of stages of championship across different regions and it gonna end with final and big event VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin which is on 1-12 December.

For this event, 16 teams have qualified this tournament and from these teams, we are listing some top players of VALORANT. These players are very important for their teams and their fans are counting on these players also at Champions.

Top 5 Best Players At VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin! 

1. nAts

His real name is “Ayaz Akhmetshin” nAts, he is a part of Gambit Esports VALORANT Roaster and mainly he plays sentinels like Cypher and Viper. He is a Russian and represents the EMEA region. Mainly he is known for his lurking and taking kills smartly, he is a star player for his team and topped Frager also.

He also won the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 Berlin and knows they qualified for the champions after winning stage 3.

2. TenZ

TenZ aka “Tyson NGO” 20 years old Candian VALORANT Player and he also an Ex CS: GO, player. He plays duelists in his team like Jett, Ryena, and Raze. From the starting of the VALORANT tournaments, he is part of Cloud9 but from some roaster issue, he leaves Cloud9. After leaving Cloud9 he joins Sentinels and after a month they won the North America region VALORANT Champions ship and they also won the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Iceland.

He is mainly known for his raw aim skills and for his Jett knives and also for insane playes. He is a star player across the world TenZ fans also counting on him for the Champions.

3. ScreaM 

“Adil Benrlitom” aKa ScreaM is a Belgian VALORANT professional player and also an EX CS: GO, player, he played for many named organizations in CS: GO like Fnatic, G2. He is known for his aim and mental game skills. Now he’s part of the Team Liquid and he mainly plays duelist like Jett, Ryena. Before that, he plays controller and Sentinels.

Recently Team Liquid won the VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier EMEA and they booked the ticket to Berlin.

4. cNed 

“Mehmet Yağız İpek” aka cNed is a 19-year-old VALORANT pro player from Turkey and he is a part of Team Acend. He is a star player on his team and is mainly known for playing Jett and for insane operator Skills. and he also sometimes compared with TenZ by fans.

After he joined the Acend team are looking very strong and they also won the first-ever VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA Stage 1. And now they are qualified for the Champions according to Circuit points.

5. stax

Kim “stax” Gu-taek is a 21-year-old VALORANT Professional player from South Korea. He is also an Ex CS: GO player and after not finding any success in it he switch to VALORANT make the team called Vision Strikers with their ex CS friend. And they also qualified for the VALORANT Champions 2021 Berlin.

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